Thermalabs To Intensify Its Local Marketing Efforts

Thermalabs is reinventing its focus on local markets.

Cosmetics brand Thermalabs has revealed that it’s increasing its local marketing efforts. This move is aimed at boosting the company’s thriving sales. In the past, the company has mostly been counting on online sales, mostly from major e-tailing marketplaces such as As the company expands, Thermalabs is looking to increase its presence not only in the online world but also in retail and distribution outlets around the world. This, the firm hopes, will help it increases its brand reach, and as well open new channels for revenue generation.

Thermalabs is an innovative company that manufacturers self-tanners and other products in the beauty industry. The company started out with a single self-tanning lotion that delivered adorable results within jut four hours. Design from popular organic and natural ingredients such as Shea butter, Japanese Green Tea, and Aloe Vera, the lotion was a major hit in the marketplace. Following a clever pre-launch strategy by the company, the original self-tanner managed to sell thousands of units barely the first week in the market. The product’s immense success helped lay the foundation for the company’s future endeavors.

Thermalabs traditionally launches its products on, the world’s leading online retail marketplace. Amazon is a platform where millions of sellers expose their products to hundreds of millions of potential buyers from around the world. Over the last three years, Thermalabs has managed to cultivate a diverse brand presence on this marketplace. The company’s products are also available on its official website, as well as on other smaller online marketplaces. Thermalabs ability to lay bare the unique benefits of their products as compared to the competition’s offering has been an instrumental strategy for its success.

Over the last two years, the company has been making efforts to diversify its product portfolio. Starting out as an innovative producer of quality tanning aids, Thermalabs today manufactures beach chairs, beach tents, organic healthcare products and much more. The company last year introduced Supremasea, its division that would be tasked with the production of new skincare products based on the immense benefits of mineral salts extracted from the Dead Sea. The first product under this umbrella name, Tan Enhancer, has already hit the market. It combines Dead Sea minerals with conventional skin care ingredients such as Shea Butter to deliver a luxury lotion that moisturizes and protects the skin. Tent World, the company’s sub-brand tasked with the production of beach and sports tents, was announced earlier this year. Thermalabs has already booked two domain names,, and, to provide information to consumers regarding the use of these upcoming tents.

Alex Howard, a marketing coordinator at Thermalabs, said, “Moving forward, the company will be focusing more on local distribution. In the past, most of our products have been sold through online efforts at marketplaces such as While this strategy has proved very effective for our young but ambitious company, we realize that there’s need to expand our channels towards boosting our brand presence and increasing sales. We are already in contact with multiple distributions and wholesale stores who’ll help make our products available to local consumers in many parts of the world.”

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