Thermalabs to Focus More on Beach-Related Products

Thermalabs has said that it will focus more on beach-related products in the near future.

Thermalabs, a global cosmetics brand that made its name in the self tanning niche, has said that it will be focusing more on beach-related products moving forward. This comes after the company announced that it would be changing its slogan from ‘self tanning reloaded’ to ‘life’s a beach’. The company has already produced a number of beach-convenience products, including its popular instant pop up beach tent, and a set of beach environment moisturizers and sunscreens.

Thermalabs is one of the most innovative players in the global cosmetics scene. Based in New York, the company started out some three years ago. Their first product, a premium tanner known as the ‘original self tanner’ managed to sell over a thousand units within its first 24 hours in the online market. This, according to the company, was as a result of the unique formulation used in this product, coupled with a well-crafted pre-marketing strategy. Thermalabs has today supplied the general beauty products with a considerable range of over 24 products. The majority of these are top-quality self tanners and tanning accessories.

In recent times, the company has been diversifying its product offering. The firm has over the last two years created three new sub-brands, each of which will take care of a distinct product category. Thermalabs Supremasea was established in 2015, to market the company’s fine line of skin care aids designed using mineral salts from the Dead Sea. Launched earlier this year, Thermalabs Tent World is the new sub-brand in charge of Thermalabs extensive range of beach-convenience tents. The company has already booked the domain names and to serve as an information base for this brand. A couple of months ago, Thermalabs also introduced Organic Healthcare, the third sub-brand that represents the company’s appetite for a piece of profits in the healthcare industry. This brand will manage the marketing of new healthcare products based on 100% bio-organic and natural ingredients. The firm has said that it will be focusing on the mountains of Galilee in Israel to source herbs, seeds, plants and other ingredients.

Alex Howard, a ranking marketing official at the company said, “It’s been three years running for Thermalabs. We started out with a limited budget, but big goals. Our aim back then was to empower customers by providing them with a better, safer way to achieve the beauty they were looking for. But along the years, the company has evolved in line with the needs of its consumers. Today, we have three distinct sub-brands that manage various categories of products. One of the trends that most company critics and loyalist have noted is that we are shifting to beach-convenience wares. We are making more beach tents, more beach chairs, and other products designed to make your life at the beach more enjoyable. Again, we have also changed our Thermalabs slogan to ‘Life’s a Beach’. Moving forward, we’ll be paying more attention to beach-related products. However, this is not to say that we are doing away with our self-tanning inventory. We are just looking for more ways to fulfill the needs of our users!”

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