Thermalabs to Expand Its Product Portfolio in 2016

Cosmetics Company Thermalabs is expected to announce more launches during the New Year.

Thermalabs is a cosmetics firm that has become known over the last 2 years due to their premium tanning formulations. In the two years that Thermalabs has contributed products to the cosmetics marketplace, it has proved to be a force to reckon with. As the New Year closes in, Thermalabs is expected to expand its product inventory by releasing new formulations. Already, the company has hinted that its research and production teams in Israel are working overtime to finalize the company’s 2016 launches.

Thermalabs is headquartered in New York and owned by an Israeli-American. The company is dedicated to a skin cancer free world. Thus, all its formulations are created with this key goal in mind. There are millions of cases of skin cancer reported every year across the world. Although there are multiple causes of skin cancer, scientists have established that over-exposure to the sun’s harmful UV radiation is one key cause. Thermalabs and a lot of other companies in the cosmetics space have been working to create awareness against relying on the sun as a way to achieve a tan. But in addition to doing this, Thermalabs also goes a step ahead to provide alternative solutions that are more effective and health-centric.

Thermalabs has managed to contribute at least a dozen products to the cosmetics marketplace over the last 24 months. These include its pilot product popularly known as America’s Gold Standard Tanner. This product helped thrust the company into industry spotlight. It was an instant sensation in the marketplace. Its supreme ingredients, including Olive Oil and Aloe Leaf Juice, made it highly effective. Since the product was heavily based on natural and organic ingredients, it helped users get a sexy and attractive tan within the confines of health. In 2014, Thermalabs also launched Glow2Go and Ultimitt. The former is a pack of disposable organic tanning wipes that’s highly effective while the latter is a tanning applicator mitt that was produced to tackle the challenges of self-tanning mitts. Both of these products have been highly successful in the marketplace. For instance, Ultimitt has remained a bestseller in’s bath and mitt category for months.

Earlier this week, Thermalabs declared 2015 its breakthrough year. This is the year when the company introduced it’s highly hyped Protectan Sunscreen Lotion to the marketplace. Towards the end of the year, Thermalabs also launched its Beach Tent product, which features a protective coating of UPF 50+ to shield users’ skin from the sun’s UV radiation. In an email distributed to press outlets earlier, Thermalabs marketing co-coordinator, Alex Howard, cited plans to launch a number of new products both as part of its main Thermalabs brand and as part of its newly announced Supremasea brand that will focus exclusively on the Dead Sea Mineral-based product. As the New Year rolls out, it’ll be interesting to see what the company actually launches. Thermalabs is expected to release its first 2016 product as early as January.

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