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Thermalabs is set to announce new beach tents that are in the final stages of production.

Skincare brand Thermalabs is yet in the limelight again, this time while announcing plans to introduce a brand new line of beach tents. This is not surprising especially considered that the company launched it’s first-ever beach tent product towards the end of 2015. The product’s immense success in the marketplace has probably motivated Thermalabs to curve a niche in the expansive market looking for top quality tents. Thermalabs initial tent was designed to be a great accessory where users could hide or relax after a long dip in the water at the beach. Notably, the product was also created to serve multiple applications, including camping, hiking, family picnics, etc.

Thermalabs is an American cosmetics company that is roughly two years old. Although headquartered in New York, Thermalabs operates a series of production facilities in other parts of the world, including the main one in Israeli. Thermalabs relies on teams of highly experienced skin care researchers to create exclusive formulations for skin care products. This way, the company has managed to gain global fame and attract a diverse audience spanning hundreds of thousands of buying customers from around the world. Indeed, considered that the cosmetics industry is typically over-competitive, Thermalabs has done quite well. The company has contributed at least a dozen products to the industry, most of which are self-tanners based on organic and natural ingredients. Lately, Thermalabs appears to be diversifying outside its traditional tanning market, focusing on other areas such as Dead Sea mineral-based products, and beach tents. This appears to be a smart move meant to secure the company’s future as a premier provider for beauty-related accessories.

Already, Thermalabs has revealed that the new range of beach tents will be high-quality products created to seal gaping gaps in the market. Although there are dozens of different beach tent brands available in the market, most of them do not keep up with the level of quality desired by users. Thermalabs attempt with its primary beach tent was a daring one. So far, this product has garnered tens of thousands of sales and secured an average five-star rating from scores of users. According to Alex Howard, a marketing co-coordinator working at Thermalabs, the new beach tents will be named after the planets (Mercury, Jupiter, etc.).

Mr. Howard said, “Thermalabs is set to announce and release an entire lineup of beach tent products. These products will be listed under a new brand going by the name Tent World. Already, we have done most of the work and are just looking to finalize the production. The beach tent will be immensely useful in diverse scenarios. So whether a user is looking to get some shelter for their beach time, or just a nice, lovely environment for a getaway couple picnic, these will be the ideal tents. They will also feature protective benefits to keep our users skin safe from harmful radiation. Our new tents will be named after the planets. Keep checking as we do what we do best to keep our customers happy.”

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