Thermalabs to Announce Massive New Year Deals

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs is expected to announce massive New Year deals.

Thermalabs, a fast-rising company in the cosmetics industry is expected to announce massive deals as the New Year 2016 clocks in. Headquartered in New York, Thermalabs is owned by an Israeli and operates a production facility in Israel. The company’s products have been some of the most significant developments in the cosmetics industry. Thermalabs was launched with a goal to combat the increasing cases of skin cancer. Since inception, the company has introduced a wide range of products in line with this objective.

The American Cancer Society reports over 3.4 million cases of skin cancer annually, and that’s just in the U.S alone. The problem is more widespread on the global scale. Although there are many different factors that cause skin cancer, over-exposure to the sun’s harmful UV radiation is thought to be one main cause. Enlightened by this crucial fact, scores of nonprofits and skin-care organizations around the world have been creating awareness against SUN-Based tanning. When Thermalabs was launched two years ago, it joined this bandwagon that was determined to discredit sunbathing, but also went a step ahead. In addition to asking people to over-expose their skin in the sun, the company invented a superior range of self-tanning solutions that got even better results, albeit in the confines of health.

Thermalabs first product ever is a self-tanning lotion called the ‘Gold Standard Tanner’. The product is a premium tanning accompaniment that features top-notch ingredients such as Aloe Leaf Juice and Olive Oil, among many others. Thermalabs obsession with quality was evident in the formulation of its first product. Ever since it was launched in global e-commerce platform marketplace, the product was an instant sensation. It managed to attract hundreds of thousands of sales within just a few months as word spread like a bushfire in online discussion forums and product review sites. The fact that the product was appealing, effective and more so healthy made it a favorite amongst users. This led to an increasing stream of video reviews, blog posts and other kinds of online literature that were created by third parties in an attempt to promote this product to their followers. The Gold Standard Tanner is arguably one of the most notable products in Thermalabs portfolio.

Another significant release was Glow2Go. This is a pack of 20 disposable tanning wipes that has also won the love of customers on and other online marketplaces. The initial pitch that Thermalabs used to bring this product to market was ‘sells at double the count and half the price of the competition’. Like the Gold Standard Tanner, Glow2Go was a total success. Other mentionable launches include the Ultimitt, Beach Tent, Protectan, and the Travel-sized self-tanner. During the New Year’s Eve, Thermalabs marketing co-coordinator, Mr. Alex Howard, is expected to issue a press outlet detailing major deals and discounts to mark the New Year in style for Thermalabs customers. So far, Thermalabs has proved to be a force to reckon within the cosmetics industry, and critics are looking closely to see what the company has got up its sleeves this New Year.

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