Thermalabs Tent World Says First Batch Ready

Thermalabs Tent World sub-brand has said that its first product batch is nearly ready.

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has announced that the first batch of products under its Tent World sub- brand is nearly ready for the market. This is an interesting development for the company’s global user base, who have been looking forward to the new products or months running. Tent World is Thermalabs division that is tasked with the production and marketing of top-quality beach and sports tents.

Thermalabs is an innovative company that became popular due to its production of premium self-tanning lotions and accessories. The company has so far contributed at least 16 different products to the general cosmetics market. Thermalabs pilot product, the original self-tanner, was a major hit. The product incorporated unique ingredients such as Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, and Green Tea. It delivered impressive results barely four hours post-application. The lotion’s marketplace success was a major contributor to Thermalabs future success. It attracted the media attention that the company needed to stage the successful launch of its upcoming products. The firm is committed to a skin-cancer free world. By providing an extensive range of both natural and organic tanners, Thermalabs hopes to dispel the need for relying on the sun for a tan. The company also contributes at least a tenth of its annual proceeds to charitable causes, including skincare nonprofits and educational missions that are working to find a cure for cancer.

Thermalabs launched Tent World earlier this year, barely months after it introduced Supremasea. Both are separate divisions that are designed to help the company diversify into other areas of the general cosmetics industry. Supremasea is described as Thermalabs private collection of Dead Sea mineral-based products. Tent World will be tasked with overseeing the production and marketing of Thermalabs upcoming range of beach and sports tents. Already, Thermalabs has revealed that it’ll be using the domain names and to provide guidance and information regarding the best tents to users.

The decision to launch Tent World was probably informed by the performance of the company’s introductory tent, Mercury Beach Tent, which was launched in December of last year. The product scored big in the marketplace, selling thousands of units within just a short time. New products will be named after planets in the solar system. Thus, the next product after Mercury will most definitely be named Venus. With these new products, Thermalabs is hoping to provide an extensive portfolio of alternative relaxation tents that are much better than what the competition is already providing.

Ann Spencer, the brand manager for Tent World, said, “The first batch of our next product is almost out. We have been working very hard over the last few months to make sure that this product is available within reasonable time. Already, our plant employees are working to package the tents ready for shipping to global market destinations. As is our traditional, the first announcement and launch of these products will be made on, the world’s premier e-commerce marketplace.”

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