Thermalabs Tent World Brand to Deliver New Standards of Quality

Thermalabs new range of sports and beach tents will be ultra-quality.

Thermalabs has hinted that its upcoming range of sports and outdoor tents will be premium quality. That’s according to the firm’s Tent World brand manager, Ann Spencer. The company revealed plans to introduce an exclusive new branch that would be tasked with its tent-based products some two months ago. Since then, the firm’s major production plant in Israel has been awash with activity. Thermalabs new tents are expected to hit the market any soon, and the company’s global user base has been waiting for them with a lot of expectations. The new announcement is only music to the ears of Thermalabs large consumer base, who have often complained about the non-premium quality evident in most other tents available in the market.

Thermalabs introduced its Tent World brand earlier this year and revealed that it would oversee the production and prospecting of its tent-based products. Late 2015, in December, Thermalabs had introduced their first tent product, originally known as Thermalabs Beach Tent but currently going by the name Mercury Beach Tent. This was an instant popup beach and sports tent that could be folded and unfolded within minutes. It featured an extra-comfy bottom that was ideal for kids. Designed to last long and equipped with protection against the sun’s UV rays, Mercury Tent was the perfect place to hide or relax after a long dip in the water at the beach.

Perhaps one of the best thing with Thermalabs pilot tent (Mercury) was that it was multi-purpose. Most customers in this space would rather go with a high-quality tent that can be used at the beach, at the campsite, in the backyard, at the picnic park, and on any other ground for that matter. Multi-purpose was a big success word for Thermalabs tent, one that helped market it and distinguish it from the competition’s offering. It is the success of this introductory product that has propelled the company to launch an entire brand for the same.

The company will name each of its new tent products after a planet in the solar system. Already, Mercury is named after the first planet, and it’s only natural that the next one will be named Venus. According to Thermalabs, each new tent will be ultra-quality, and designed for a specific primary purpose. This is not to say, though, that the tents will not be multi-purpose.

“Our new range of tents will be the best quality available in the market. As usual, Thermalabs is a quality-centric brand, and things are looking even better with Supremasea. We want to make sure that our users have the best. Already, we have launched two new brand names,, and that will provide all the information our customers need to make the right choice when buying a beach or sports tent. Our Mercury beach tent has been a major success, and we expecting upcoming products to do even better. I’ll have more interesting stuff on what’s going on inside Tent World pretty soon. Thank you,” said Ms. Spencer.

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