Thermalabs Supremasea Brand to Hit Global Marketplaces Soon

Thermalabs newly launched brand, Supremasea, is expected to hit major marketplaces in the coming days.

Thermalabs has just announced that their newly released brand, Supremasea, will hit the market soon. Supremasea is a new brand by the New York based company (Thermalabs) that aims to provide the cosmetics market with a wide range of beauty products based on Dead Sea Minerals. Thermalabs is a top company in the cosmetics industry that was launched about two years ago. The company established Supremasea some two weeks ago to focus exclusively on Dead Sea mineral-based products.

Last week, Supremasea’s Brand manager Kristina Meyers announced that their first product was in the works. This was a tan enhancer lotion that was designed to help protect and moisturize the skin after tanning. Thermalabs specialists and production experts at the company’s research facility in Israel had been working on plans for the tan enhancer for months, and they were are now ready to release the new product as part of Thermalabs latest brands.

The first product to be released under the new brand, Supremasea’s tan enhancer contains a number of premium ingredients, including Rosa Canona Fruit Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and Glycerin. This combination is essential to the strength of the skin. More so, it moisturizes the face and body after a tan, contributing to an attractive skin.

Dead Sea minerals are known to have ample benefits for the body. For instance, they nourish the skin, give the body a feeling of relaxation, activate cell metabolism and heal numerous skin conditions, among many other benefits. Based on endless scientific reports, Deal Sea minerals have antiseptic benefits for the skin. The Dead Sea has been a major attraction for many people around the world, and is one of the wonders of the world. The salts at the lake are thought to have formed over millions of years, mostly due to over-evaporation. The sea contains the likes of Sodium Chloride, which hydrates and nourishes skin cells by removing toxic waste, Potassium for water balance and zinc for collagen stimulation. All these salts are vital for cell metabolism and generally skin health.

Traditionally, Thermalabs has exclusively sold its products on Amazon, the world’s premier online retail marketplace. It’s expected that the new brand will introduce it’s products on Amazon first, before eventually expanding to other global retail marketplaces. Thermalabs has seen a lot of success so far with it’s range of skin tanning products. This has been attributed to top-quality products, and a strategic marketing approach. Critics estimate that the company will use the same strategy when introducing the new brand to the market.
Alex Howard, Thermalabs marketing co-coordinator, said “Thermalabs research and production team over there in Israel has been working around the clock to make Supremasea, and its first product – the tan enhancer – a reality. Thermalabs is dedicated to a skin-cancer free world, and all the products launched from the company’s roof will help people look more beautiful and sexier within the confines of healthy. In the coming days, Supremasea will launch on major online retail marketplaces, and Thermalabs will have one more way to provide its users with the consistently top quality product it produces. Stay on board.”

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