Thermalabs Supremasea Brand Packaging Its Latest Products

Thermalabs Supremasea brand is almost ready to introduce its new products to the market.

Thermalabs Supremasea sub-brand has said that it’s in the process of packaging at least two of its latest products. This is a positive development especially considered that Supremasea has been working on exclusive new formulations over the last couple of months. Supremasea brand manager, Kristina Meyers, has said that more top-quality products will be available through and major online marketplaces any time from now. The company is also shipping units of these new products to local cosmetics outlets in Europe, the US and select other parts of the world.

Supremasea is a Thermalabs sub-brand that was introduced in 2015. Headed by Ann Spencer and a team of specially trained employees, Supremasea oversee the production, distribution, and marketing of Thermalabs private collection of top-notch skincare products based on Dead Sea salts and minerals. Scientists have said that the Dead Sea is home to at least 12 salts that aren’t available anywhere else in the world. By making use of these special salts, and combining them with other ingredients whose benefits for the skin are well known, Thermalabs is looking to furnish the market with a new range of highly effective products.

Based on information distributed by Ms. Meyers, the new products will be highly beneficial for the skin. They will feature an innovative formulation that combines mineral salts with other organic ingredients to deliver multiple benefits for the skin. The products will be available through as well as through the company’s official website.

Already, Supremasea’s first launch, Tan Enhancer, is performing well in the market. Tan Enhancer was created from a combination of Dead Sea salts and conventional skincare ingredients such as Shea Butter. The product comes across the board as a luxury lotion that leads to that perfect glow that most people yearn for after a tan. It’s fortified with Vitamin E to protect the skin from free radicals and environmental pollutants. Tan Enhancer also moisturizes the skin and keeps it supple all day long.

Jeniffer, an Amazon user who bought and rated Tan Enhancer product 5-star, reviewed, “These worked very well gave me a nice even streak free light tan. I used three towels on each application and applied twice. I am very happy with the results just be sure to wear gloves and exfoliate your knees and elbows well. I took before and after pics. I think this is as dark as l will go so it looks natural and in the hot sunny months l will go darker. Worked very good on my face. I love my tan complexion. Better than any product I've ever picked up at a pharmacy. I will definitely be buying again.”

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