Thermalabs Supremasea Brand Causing a Market Stir

Barely weeks after it was introduced, Thermalabs latest brand is already causing a stir in the market.

Thermalabs recently introduced brand, Supremasea, is already triggering a debate in the cosmetics industry. Supremasea is a private Dead Sea collection by the New York-based company. So far, Supremasea has managed to reveal three formulations for products that are in the oven. They are expected to manufacture game-changing products that will disturb existing competition patterns and create new trends in the industry. Critics have already acknowledged the fact that Supremasea has gone an extra mile to make its products unique and outstanding.

Established in New York over 2 years ago, Thermalabs is a company that has become popular in the cosmetics industry due to its production of top quality self-tanning formulations. The company’s pilot product was a lotion-based product referred to as the ‘Natural Self Tanner’. This product was such a success that the company’s users decided to christen it the ‘Golden Standard Self Tanner’. The Natural Self Tanner sold its first 1000 units within just 24 hours post-launch, following an extensive marketing drive by the company. The product’s effectiveness and user reviews helped set the stage for the successful launch of future products. The natural self-tanner is a highly organic and natural self-tanner. The product is 70% organic and 97% natural. It features a power pack of premium ingredients, including Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract, Aloe Leaf Juice and a wide range of other premium ingredients.

For a long time, skin-care buffs and medical researchers have discussed the ample benefits of Dead Sea minerals. By combining these benefits with the well-known advantages of natural oils, Supremasea has been able to come up with formulations that are highly effective for the caring and treatment of the human skin. The first product that’s in the works as part of this new brand is a tan enhancer that will be applied after a tan. This solves the problem for tanning fanatics who had to worry about re-applying their tan every few hours. The tan enhancer features a combination of natural oils and microscopic granules of Dead Sea minerals. The next formulation that’s part of the Supremasea brand is the Thermalabs body scrub exfoliator. This is a cleaning and scrubbing solution that features granules of Dead Sea salts and minerals, combined with natural oils such as wheat germ oil, sesame seed oil, and coconut oil. This product softens and cleans the skin. It’s a great way to sooth dry skin, and works on all skin types, regardless of gender and age. Supremasea’s strategy to combine the benefits of Dead Sea minerals and natural oils is a revolutionary one. The brand appears to have spent a lot of time researching on and finalizing on these formulations.

Thermalabs manufactures all its products in line with its commitment to a skin-cancer free world. The company contributes 10% of its proceeds to charitable organizations, mostly nonprofits that increase skin cancer awareness, and educational missions that are dedicated to finding a cure for cancer.

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