Thermalabs Says Their Exfoliating Gloves Sensitive for All Skin Types

Thermalabs has revealed that their latest launch, the exfoliating gloves set, is sensitive to all skin types.

Thermalabs, a leading brand in the cosmetics industry, has said that their recently launched exfoliating gloves set is sensitive for all skin types. That means customers can apply them without worrying about allergic reactions resulting from their skin type. This is a major boost for the product, especially considered that most people are concerned about relying on exfoliating products that visibly cause more harm than good. Thermalabs issued this announcement through a statement distributed to major cosmetics blogs and some news outlets.

Thermalabs is headquartered in the United States. The company’s head offices are in New York City. However, it runs production facilities in other parts of the world, including a major plant in Israel. The firm has recorded relatively massive growth considered that it’s just two years old. Thermalabs is dedicated to eradicating skin cancer and manufactures products that disqualify the need to rely on sunlight for a beautiful tan. According to the American Cancer Society, there are over 3.4 million cases of skin cancer in the US annual. On a global scale, tens of millions of people are diagnosed with this terminal ailment each year. Experts say that excessive exposure to the sun’s UV radiation is a major cause of skin cancer.

Thermalabs first ever release was a self-tan lotion known as the original self-tanner. The product relied heavily on natural and organic ingredients, and resulted to a fast and efficient tan. The success wave that this product generated helped set the stage for Thermalabs tell-tale rise in the cosmetics industry. Thermalabs has so far launched at least 14 products, all of which target users in the general beauty market. The exfoliating gloves set is one of the latest launches by the company. The product is apparently a 3-pack set of exfoliating gloves that consist a loofah and bamboo fiber mitt, jute and natural sisal mitt. Thus, the product is 100% natural and eco-friendly. Thermalabs ships all units of this products with a free finger exfoliator.

The product is designed to naturally remove dead skin cells, stimulate better blood circulation, reduce body hair growth, unclog pores and make the skin healthier and smoother. Despite the product’s natural ingredients, users have still been concerned about its sensitivity to different skin types. In the details released by a Thermalabs marketing department official, a Mr. Alex Howard, the product was designed to get great results regardless the skin type.

Kswederski, an Amazon customer who used Thermalabs exfoliating gloves, reviewed, “When I take a shower I love to exfoliate my skin and I found these Eco-Friendly Body Scrub exfoliate Gloves Pack. They are from Thermalabs #thermalabs. They are made out of bamboo fiber, loofah, jute and sisal that will help you exfoliate and scrub your skin the way YOU want it, each in its own natural and phenomenal way. Exfoliating your skin helps remove dead skin and unclog pores. It helps makes your skin glow and look healthy. I love the way my skin looks and feels after using these exfoliating gloves. Using them helps make my skin nice and smooth. It is also invigorating to use the gloves on my skin. It gets my blood circulating and gives me healthier skin. I really like the Eco-Friendly Body Scrub Exfoliator Gloves they are well made and are durable. I use them in the shower every morning. They feel good on my skin - not too rough.”

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