Thermalabs Reveals Why its Tanning Products are the Best Rated Globally

Thermalabs has announced some of the secrets behind the immense success of its cosmetics products.

Thermalabs - - a leading player in the global cosmetics industry, has revealed some of the key secrets behind the success of their brand. The company has so far supplied the market with at least 24 products, the most of which are quality tanning lotions and accessories. Both critics and fanatics have debated the incredible rise of Thermalabs from a little-known to a global brand.

Thermalabs started out some three years ago as an organization that championed safer and healthier skincare practices. The company later managed to gather the capital needed to start an actual factory in Israel. Within a couple of months, the company had launched its first product ever – the original self tanner. This was a premium tanning lotion that designed from exclusive ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Olive Oil. The product was an instant hit, selling over a thousand units barely 24 hours after it was launched on global e-commerce marketplace Thermalabs was able to ride on this success wave to properly pitch its upcoming releases. A number of the company’s introductory products have been perennial bestsellers on and other online marketplaces.

In addition to the original self tanner, some of the company’s other most successful products include Glow2Go and Ultimitt. These are the company’s second and third products, respectively. Glow2Go is a pack of 20 tanning wipes that initially sold at double the count but half the price of the competition. Like its predecessor, the product was a major hit. It managed to win various accolades within the first few weeks, even being listed as a ‘hot new release’. Thermalabs Ultimitt was launched a few months after the company introduced Glow2Go. This was an applicator accessory designed to eliminate the problems of existing tanning mitts. It helped the company’s customers effectively apply tanners, lotion, and other skincare products. It was designed to be bigger and better than existing mitts in the market. For this reason, the product was also very successful. To date, it has remained at the top of Amazon’s global bestselling chart in its category.

In recent times, the company has also launched a number of highly successful products. These include the Protectan sunscreen lotion, the Instant pop up beach tent, the Shea Body Butter, and much more. A lot of critics and company fanatics have been debating the reasons why Thermalabs products perform unusually well in the market.

The company’s coordinator for marketing, Mr. Alex Howard, said, “Thermalabs has been in the cosmetics industry for three years now. During this time, we have accomplished quite a lot. In addition to furnishing the market with at least 24 different products, we have also contributed to nonprofitable causes and worked in many ways to promote safer skincare practices. Without dilly-dallying, I’d say that the secrets behind Thermalabs products in the market is our focus on natural and organic ingredients. Our emphasis on product quality and consumer safety has made us the company we are today!”

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