Thermalabs Reveals the Unique Ingredients behind its Anti Nail Fungus

Thermalabs has revealed some of the key ingredients behind its anti-nail fungus product.

Thermalabs, a leading manufacturer based in the United States, has revealed the key ingredients behind one of their latest products – the Anti-Nail Fungus. This is a 100% bio organic product that is handmade at the company’s factory in Galilee, Israel. It’s not the first time that the company is announcing the ingredients behind a product. In the past, Thermalabs has revealed the components it used to formulate bestselling products such as the original self tanner, Tan Enhancer, the Protectan Suncreen lotion, and other top products.

Thermalabs is a major producer of tanning products. The company is headquartered in New York City, but operates production facilities in other parts of the world. Thermalabs has so far supplied the global market with at least 30 different products. Most of these are tan lotions, as well as tanning accessories such as airbrush systems and the Ultimitt applicator set. Thermalabs has also increased its production of beach-related products, and general skin care aids. In recent times, the company has announced three new sub-brands that it’s using to reach out to various markets. Thermalabs Supremasea is the company’s arm that oversees the production of general skin care products using mineral salts extracted from the Dead Sea. Thermalabs Tent World is in charge of beach and sports tents at the company, while Organic Healthcare is the latest sub-brand that dwells on health productions using seeds, herbs and plants sourced from various mountains around the Galilee area.

Anti Nail Fungus is the third-ever product to be launched under the Organic Healthcare brand, after Aragan Oil and Jerusalem Balsam Spray. It’s a bio-organic formulation that’s been hand-made at the company’s Israeli factory. The product is completely alcohol-free and doesn’t contain any chemicals or parabens. It helps combat nail fungus naturally, without introducing any harmful elements or ingredients that might have side effects to your skin. All Organic Healthcare products are bio-organic and handmade. They are formulated based on ancient wisdom from the Rambam, a pre-eminent Jewish physician whose work has been acclaimed by top hospitals, medical institutes and reputable organizations around the world.

Priscilla Rodgers, the brand manager in charge of Thermalabs Organic Healthcare, said, “We recently released a number of products under the Thermalabs Organic Healthcare umbrella. All these are exclusive formulations that are 1000% bio organic. They are also handmade and made from natural ingredients sourced from the mountainous areas around Galilee in Israel. One of the most interesting products that we have launched is the Anti-Nail Fungus, which is a special regimen that’s applied to the nails to combat fungus and other microorganisms that thrive there. This product is created from top-notch ingredients, which include Tea Tree, Rue, Dead Sea Salt, Oregano, Urea, and Seaweed. Each of these ingredients plays a unique role in making this formula highly efficient in doing what it’s been designed for.”

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