Thermalabs Reveals The Secrets Behind Their Tan Enhancer Lotion

Thermalabs has revealed the secrets behind their immensely popular Tan Enhancer lotion.

Thermalabs, a US-based cosmetics firm that became popular due to their high-quality formulations for self-tanning products has revealed how their Tan Enhancer lotion is able to get an incredible after-tan Glow. Thermalabs launched Tan Enhancer sometimes during the last quarter of 2015, as the first product under their newly announced Supremasea brand. Like most of its other launches, Thermalabs sells Tan Enhancer through, and its official website –

Thermalabs is headquartered in New York City but operates a number of production facilities in other areas of the globe, including a main on in Israel. The company opened its doors about two years ago, introducing its first-ever cosmetic product – the original self-tanner. This was a premium lotion-based tanning aid that delivered a sexy and attractive tan barely four hours after being applied. Following a strategic marketing drive by the company, the original self-tanner was an instant success. The product sold over a thousand units within the first 24 hours. Within the next few months, Thermalabs also launched Glow2Go (tanning wipes) and Ultimitt (tan applicator mitt). All these were exemplary products that were based on rare ingredients Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil and Japanese Green Tea. By the end of the year, these three were top-grossing products that helped the young company rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits. Thermalabs had also attracted as many as 50, 000 customers before the end of its first year in operation.

Tan Enhancer is the first product to ever be released under Thermalabs Supremasea sub-brand. Supremasea is described as the company’s private collection of Dead-Sea mineral-based products. Scientists have established that there are over 45, 000 different types of salts in the Dead Sea. Of all these, at least 12 are unique to this body of water. These unique salts have multiple benefits not only for the skin but also for other organs of the body. With Supremasea, Thermalabs was hoping to combine the advantages of Dead Sea salts and minerals with the conventional benefits of well-known skin care ingredients such as Olive Oil. The success of Tan Enhancer marks the starting point of achieving this goal.

According to Thermalabs brand manager for Supremasea, Ms. Kristina Meyers, Thermalabs was able to blend a special regimen of mineral salts, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil and Vitamin E to make a powerful nourishing lotion that moisturizes and restores the glory of the skin.

Tan Enhancer has received a string of positive reviews as one of the most effective after-tan glow lotion Sarah Ferdinand, an Amazon customer who actually used this product, reviewed, “This is a great product! I love the way it smells and does really smooth my skin and locks in the moisture. I am really trying to buy all my products that are natural and better for my body so when I saw this I was so happy!!! This came free with my Thermalabs self-tanner Organic Too!!! Both products work amazing.”

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