Thermalabs Reveals the Secrets Behind the Success of Its Exfoliating Gloves

Thermalabs has revealed the key secrets behind their overly successful exfoliating gloves.

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has revealed the secrets behind their successful exfoliating gloves set. In a communique sent out to press outlets, Thermalabs marketing co-coordinator, Mr. Alex Howard, highlighted the two main reasons why this new product has caused a stir in the market and managed to bag several of’s most coveted market accolades. This is not the first time that Thermalabs has flooded the cosmetics blogosphere with unique reasons that try to explain the stories behind their most successful products. Recently, the company appeased veteran industry critics when it revealed that an obsession with quality and an overall focus on ‘green’ had made their Glow2Go and Ultimitt products perennial bestsellers. These two products are also among the list of the company’s all-time bestsellers.

Thermalabs is a New York-based cosmetics firm that opened its doors some two and a half years ago. The firm operates a number of production locations in other parts of the world, with the main one being in Israel. Thermalabs pilot product was a tanning lotion going by the name ‘organic self-tanner’. This was a premium product designed to deliver a sexy and attractive tan within the confines of health. Amid increasing awareness against sunbathing, which is known as a leading cause of skin cancer in the United States and other parts of the world, Thermalabs was determined to provide a top-notch, alternative product. The original self-tanner was formulated from natural and organic ingredients, including the likes of olive oil, Aloe Vera and Japanese green tea. The company leveraged a brilliant marketing strategy that saw the product move over a thousand units within the first 24 hours in the market. By the end of the first year of operation, the company had acquired over 50, 000 customers from all over the world. This product’s initial success helped set the stage for the success of the company’s future launches.

To date, Thermalabs has launched over 14 different products for the cosmetics market. Most of these are tanning lotions or accessories that are based on exclusive formulations. The company’s other most popular products in the market include the glow2go tanning wipes, the Ultimitt tan applicator mitt, as well as the Protectan sunscreen lotion. Thermalabs also recently announced a new sub-brand that would produce beach and sports tent, and another one that would take over its Dead Sea mineral-based product launches. The company appears to be doing a lot to expand into a major player.

For most startups in the cosmetics industry, success is hard to come by. But for Thermalabs, things have been moving quite well. Regarding why the exfoliating gloves set is already so popular despite being released in the marketplace about two months ago, Mr. Howard emphasized that the firm’s focus on a natural, eco-friendly formulation while making this product has played an instrumental role. More so, Thermalabs acquiring a patent while the product was still new helped generate the credibility needed to win user’s trust.

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