Thermalabs Reveals the Secret Formulation Behind Its Protectan Sunscreen Lotion

Cosmetics brand Thermalabs has revealed the secrets behind its top grossing ‘Protectan’ sunscreen lotion.

Thermalabs is a global cosmetics firm that attracted worldwide fame due to their phenomenal formulations for the self-tanning market. The company is a profound success story that demonstrates how a mere startup can graduate into a global brand within two years. When Thermalabs started out a little over two years ago, there was no indication that they would make it against the influence of the big brands, especially in an industry that’s traditionally over competitive.

Thermalabs has formulated and produced over a dozen different aids for the self-tanning market. The company’s first ever product, and perhaps one of the most popular of its inventions to date is a self-tanning lotion known as original self-tanner. This was a premium tanning lotion that featured all premium ingredients, including the likes of Aloe Vera and Japanese Green Tea. The lotion was able to deliver an attractive tan within 4 hours, which was notable by existing market standards. The original self-tanner was a highly organic and natural product, in line with the company’s commitment to creating healthy cosmetics aids for its globally growing audience.

The incredible performance of the company’s introductory product was a major contributing factor to its current success. Excited about the promising prospects, Thermalabs followed the launch of the original self-tanner with a disposable tanning aid known as Glow2Go. This product sold at a third of the competition’s price, but came packaged with double the quantity. Up to date, Glow2Go is a best seller on major e-commerce marketplaces. Ultimitt is known as Thermalabs third-ever release. This is the recommended applicator mitt for the company’s line of self-tanning lotion. In addition to these, Thermalabs has also launched different variations of its self-tanning lotions, including a travel-size version that meets air travel regulations.

Protectan was announced by the company during a launch event held in New York. The product was introduced as an innovative moisturizer that also packed sunscreen lotions for users who exposed their skin to the sun for quite a long time. Protectan features wider protection against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. It also triples up as an anti-aging cream that is sensitive for all skin types. Since launch, Protectan has been a persistent top performer in the marketplace. So far the product has garnered an average 5-star rating from over 63 reviewers on global e-tailing site Amazon. This achievement is reminiscent of a product that’s able to capture consumers’ imaginations, and provide the results they expect it to provide.

According to the company’s marketing official, a Mr. Howard, Protectan is popular for many reasons, including the fact that it is hypoallergenic (good for all skin types), paraben free, water resistant, non-greasy, easy to apply and safe for use on facial areas. The product is easily applicable to all parts of the body and leaves an appealing silky feel. Since it’s enriched with Vitamin E, it provides additional protection for the skin. Vitamin B5 is used to enhance the moisturizing capacity of the Protectan sunscreen lotion.

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