Thermalabs Reveals Secrets Behind Its Ultimitt Applicator Mitt

Thermalabs has revealed some of the secrets behind the success of its popular applicator mitt.

Thermalabs is a major player in the global beauty industry. Despite massive competition in this space, Thermalabs appears to be garnering an increasingly global audience for its expansive product range. The Ultimitt is the company’s applicator mitt designed for tanning fans. Ever since launch, the product has been a major hit, making it to several of Amazon’s top product lists, and emerging a long-term bestseller that has helped generated hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of revenue for the company.

Thermalabs has hinted at some of the major reasons why this product is a darling among customers. The company opened its doors in 2013, during a launch event held in New York City. Up to date, the US Company is headquartered in New York but operates production centers across the world. Thermalabs pilot launch was a tanning lotion that was popularly known as the original self-tanner. Featuring a highly natural and organic formulation that included the likes of Olive Oil, Japanese Green Tea and Aloe Vera Juice, the product was an instant hit. Thermalabs was notably able to market this initial release as the best new thing in the tanning niche. The product apparently delivered an attractive and sexy tan within 4 hours.

Following this extraordinary baby step, Thermalabs has been able to build on its success to emerge as one of the most popular cosmetics brands today. The company’s range of tanning products is perhaps its strongest market point. Committed to a skin-cancer free world, Thermalabs only manufactures organic and natural products that are able to get results within the confines of ‘healthy’. The American Cancer Society estimates that there are millions of skin cancer diagnoses made annually. A significant cause for this dangerous type of cancer is excessive exposure to sunlight, which is known to contain dangerous rays.

The Ultimitt is on record as being Thermalabs third ever release. The product was formulated as a result of increasing user criticism on the existing tan applicator mitts in the market. Riding on evident market needs, Thermalabs took steps to manufacture a bigger, better and longer lasting mitt. The company’s researchers apparently worked overdrive at the firm’s main production location in Israel. By harnessing an innovative new method, they were able to come up with a mitt that delivered a treasure trove of benefits to users. The company’s mitt doesn’t crack or stretch. It is also break-resistant, and easy to wash.

According to Alex Howard, a marketing co-coordinator at Thermalabs, the research team was able to rely on new ingredients to make a better product than what was already on the market. This ingredient, whose name Mr. Howard appeared reluctant to reveal, is the core-center around which the product’s multiple benefits were attained. The company recommends it’s Ultimitt as the go-to applicator for all its tanning lotion, which includes the original self-tanner, the travel size tanner, the tan enhancer, the Protectan sunscreen lotion, and more!

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