Thermalabs Reveals Secrets Behind Its Top Performing Exfoliating Gloves Set

Thermalabs exfoliating gloves pack has attained an overall 5-star rating on major e-commerce platform,

Thermalabs latest launch, exfoliating gloves pack, appears to be doing very well in the marketplace. The product managed to sell over ten thousand units barely a month after launch on Amazon, the world’s top e-commerce marketplace. The company's exfoliation gloves set has also garnered a consistent five-star rating from multiple customers on the online shopping giant. For a fairly new product, this is considered a significant achievement.

Thermalabs is a cosmetics firm that became popular due to their self-tanning formulations. The company’s entry into the industry was calibrated by a top-selling product going by the name ‘Natural Self Tanner’. This was a premium tanning lotion that featured highly premium ingredients. The product’s success helped throw the company into media and consumer limelight. Ever since, Thermalabs has continued to announce one premium formulation after the other. Its brilliant marketing strategies, as well as an obsession with quality, happen to be two of its greatest strengths. Thermalabs is headquartered in New York but operates production facilities in Israel. The company is about two years old but has managed to cultivate a global community spanning hundreds of thousands of active customers.

Thermalabs is dedicated to a skin cancer free world. Ever since the company was launched, it has organized and executed numerous awareness campaigns against skin cancer. According to the American Cancer Foundation, there are over 3.4 million cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the U.S annually. The problem is even bigger on a global scale. Sunbathing in order to acquire a tan has been classified as one of the known causes of skin cancer. By discouraging this practice and providing alternative, natural tanning solutions at the same time, Thermalabs was able to achieve two goals with the same move. The company contributes 10 percent of its proceeds to charity. This includes nonprofit organizations that create awareness on cancer, as well as educational bodies that are committed to finding a cure for cancer. Thermalabs seemingly noble cause, combined with its ability to produce top-notch formulations, are probably two of the main reasons why it has managed to upgrade from a little-known startup to a global brand in just 2 years.

Exfoliation gloves pack is a 3 mitt exfoliating accessory that is eco-friendly and natural. The exfoliating gloves set contains a natural bamboo and loofah mitt, a jute and natural sisal mitts. According to Thermalabs marketing co-coordinator, Alex Howard, the company's focus on ‘natural’ has endeared this product to the eco-conscious market. In an email brief sent out to press outlets, Mr. Howard said, "Our focus on natural is perhaps the main secret behind the immense success that Thermalabs new exfoliation gloves set has recorded. This particular exfoliation aid was designed to be a better option considered that most users are concerned about exfoliation products that lead to allergies and other forms of skin sensitivity. We have also rolled out the industry's first-ever Fully Year warranty on an exfoliation gloves set. This has also played a significant part towards influencing buyer confidence. At Thermalabs, we're always working round the clock to deliver top-notch products that'll help you look beautiful within the confines of health."

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