Thermalabs Reveals Ingredients Behind Its Shea Butter Lotion

Thermalabs has revealed the main ingredients behind one of its latest products, the Shea Butter lotion., a cosmetics firm based in the U.S, has revealed the ingredients it used in a recently-released market-performing product. The Shea Body Butter is a triple moisturizing formula that’s designed to help people with dry skin, broken skin and stretch marks. The product has already sold over ten thousand units on, within its first month on the market. This has attracted the attention of industry critics and brand fanatics to the Shea Butter product, with many questions posted to Thermalabs regarding the formulation of this new gem.

Thermalabs is an innovative American cosmetics firm that’s based in New York City. The company launched some three years ago, starting out as a campaign organization against skin cancer. Doctor reports suggested that millions of Americans were being diagnosed with skin cancer each year. One of the key reasons behind this form of cancer was over-exposing the skin to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Made up of a team of innovative young entrepreneurs, Thermalabs was keen to find new ways to make a difference. The company created its first-ever formulation and released it in 2013. This was a new tanning lotion that was designed from unique ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Green Tea. The product, marketed as an all-natural and organic alternative to unsafe tanning practices, became wildly popular, selling thousands of units on Amazon within just a few days. It also attracted a lot of coverage from leading industry blogs and some media outlets, generating the massive exposure any new company needs to break the glass ceiling.

Thermalabs has today contributed at least two dozen different products to the global cosmetics market. The company has also created three new sub-brands, each of which is responsible for a specific category of products. Supremasea is the Thermalabs brand in charge of Shea Body Butter and a section of other skincare aids based on mineral salts extracted from the Dead Sea.

Thermalabs Shea Body Butter product was designed to solve a rampant need in the market. According to the company, most similar products in the industry were not living up to user expectations. Thermalabs exploited this loophole and decided to produce a lotion that would help with dry skin, stretch marks, and broken skin. It also was optimized to moisturize all skin types for all weather and outdoor conditions.

Kristina Meyers, the brand manager in charge of Supremasea, said, “Currently, the Shea Body Butter, one of our latest products, has scored an average 5-star rating on, the product has also sold thousands of units within the last couple of weeks. Amid this remarkable progress, a lot of people have wanted to know what ingredients we used in this special product. Well, we have answered their question and included all the main ingredients used on the product’s Amazon listing page. The Shea Body Butter was created from a combination of Coconut Oils, Sweet Almond Oils, Avocado Oils and mineral salts from the Dead Sea. Each of these ingredients plays an important role and ensures that the product is effective for dry skins and stretch-marks.”

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