Thermalabs Researchers Looking to Change Skin Care as You Know It Come 2016

Thermalabs has announced plans for new launches in 2016, which will be mostly self-tanning products.

Thermalabs is a firm that became popular in the cosmetics industry due to their top-notch formulations. The company has so far contributed at least a dozen premium-quality products in the global cosmetics industry. Indeed, Thermalabs has been one of the most successful new startups in an industry that has been known to be traditionally over-competitive and resistant to new entrants. Critics argue that Thermalabs success lies in the fact that the company is obsessed with quality.

Thermalabs is a New York-based cosmetics firm that was founded towards the end of 2013. The company is owned by an Israeli-American, and its employees are innovative teams of researchers and skin care experts. Despite being headquartered in the US, Thermalabs runs production facilities in Israel. Thermalabs has been able to cultivate a global community of happy customers. The fact that nearly all the company’s products have been top performers in key marketplaces such as accounts for this fact. By the end of 2014, which is basically 13 months since the company’s inception, Thermalabs had been able to attract over 50, 000 customers. This is considered a tremendous milestone in the cosmetics industry, especially for a company that is less than 5 years old.

Thermalabs is committed to a skin-cancer free world. The company aims at providing products that will help its users look more beautiful within the confines of health. Although tanning is an age-old practice, over-reliance on the sun to achieve a tan has been thought to contribute to skin cancer. Thermalabs is one among scores of organizations that are creating awareness against skin cancer. By blowing the whistle against sun-based tanning and at the same time providing alternative, healthy, products, Thermalabs has been able to score two goals with the same shot.

The company has launched a number of key products since its inception. Its introductory product, the natural self-tanner, featured premium ingredients. It was a heavily organic and natural formulation. The product won the love of customers and help attract media attention to the then-emerging brand – Thermalabs. Following the successful launch of its first product, Thermalabs has come up with an extensive range of products both under its ‘Thermalabs’ main brand, and under its new ‘Supremasea’ brand. It appears that the company is on course to change health-centric skin care.

Alex Howard, Thermalabs marketing co-coordinator, said, “So far, Thermalabs has been able to launch a string of products targeting the health-conscious cosmetics market. Thermalabs is committed to a skin cancer-free world, and we are always working to deliver the next innovative product to our global community. Our research and production teams are already working on new formulations that will hopefully change how you achieve that sexy and attractive tan come 2016. At Thermalabs, quality defines who we are, and our production processes have been fine-tuned to output the best products to solve the needs of our audience. Stay tuned as we expect 2016 to be an innovative change year!”

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