Thermalabs Releases an Attractive, Light Beach T-Shirt

Thermalabs has introduced an attractive new beach T-Shirt

Thermalabs, an established firm that makes tanning accessories and beach-related products, has introduced an exclusive T-Shirt designed specifically for the beach. This is a great new product that’s labeled ‘Life is better in Flip Flops’. It matches perfectly well with any pair of flip flops. Already, the T-Shirt is available on, the world’s top retail marketplace.

Thermalabs is a leading cosmetics firm based in the United States. The company is a leading manufacturer of products and solutions in the tanning and beach-related industries. Currently, Thermalabs has nearly 30 different products available in the market, which is a significant accomplishment f for a company that’s just shy of three years old. Most of these products are self tanning lotions, tanning machines, or general cosmetics products. In recent times, the firm has also started producing organic health products based on herbs, seeds, and plants extracted from their natural setting in the mountains of Galilee. The company appears to be seriously bent on diversifying its operations.

Thermalabs first came into the limelight after they launched their pilot product, the original self tanner. This was an exclusive tanning formulation that featured unique ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and many others. It was packaged better than the competition’s product. Better yet, it delivered results within just four hours, while most other tanning lotions take up to 6 hours before the desired results can be seen. Thermalabs committed its limited resources and manpower to market this product (pre-release) and point out its unique benefits as compared to the competition. Within 24 hours after being introduced into the market, Thermalabs tanning lotion had sold over 1000 units. This was an extraordinary new record for a startup, and it helped attract the media curiosity and attention from industry authorities that any new company would yearn for. Thermalabs rode on this initial wave of success to establish a foothold in the industry and face the big brands in a traditionally very competitive market.

In recent times, Thermalabs announced that it would be diversifying its operations to include more beach-related products. In fact, the company said that it was considering changing its slogan from ‘Self Tanning Reloaded’ to ‘Life’s a Beach’. The first product dedicated to the beach was the Instant Pop Up tent. This is a sizeable beach tent that serves as the perfect place for beach-goers to hide after a lengthy dip in the water. It is laced with protective material to ward off harmful radiation from the sun, and includes an extra-comfy bottom for kids. Earlier this year, Thermalabs also announced that it was working on a set of high-quality beach chairs and bed.

The release of the new beach T-Shirt underscores the company’s commitment to be a premium provider in the beach-products scene. Thermalabs Life is better in Flip Flops T-Shirt is available in multiple sizes and colors, for kids women and men. It’s a classic, lightweight T-Shirt that looks just amazing when worn at the beach.

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