Thermalabs Planet-Themed Tents Ready for Shipping

Thermalabs Tent World brand is ready to hit the market.

Thermalabs has revealed that the first batch of new products produced under its Tent World brand is ready for distribution to market destinations. Currently, the inventory is stationed in a warehouse at the company’s leading production facility is Israel. This is a progressive announcement considered that the company has been working on these products for the last few months. It’s not clear how many different tents that the company has made at this stage, but company insider have hinted at least two multi-purpose, ultra-quality beach and sports tents.

Thermalabs is a leading cosmetics firm based in the US. The company’s official headquarters are in New York City. More so, the firm operates a number of production factories in other parts of the world, with the main plant being based in Israel. Thermalabs first hit the market back in 2013, when it introduced a premium self-tanning lotion known as ‘Gold Standard Tanner’. Based on an exclusive organic and natural formulation, the product delivered fast and appealing results. For this reason, it was a major hit, scoring high sales volumes and thus helping the company generate the revenue it needed to break market entry barriers. During its first year in the market, Thermalabs produced two other major products, namely the Glow2Go tan wipes, and the Ultimitt tan applicator. To date, the Ultimitt is a bestseller on the global marketplace, while Glow2Go has been an all-time best-grossing product for the firm.

Thermalabs, in recent times, appears to be expanding beyond the traditional influence that the self-tanning niche. Thermalabs last year introduced Supremasea, its new brand that would be tasked with overseeing the production of the company’s entire lineup of Dead Sea mineral-based skincare products. Already, Supremasea has manufactured and marketed its pilot product, Tan Enhancer – which is a luxury moisturizer that protects the skin and leads to that perfect glow after a tanning session. The second sub-brand formed by the company, earlier this year, is Tent World. Tent World’s pilot product, the Mercury Beach Tent, is already performing incredibly well in the market. Thermalabs also recently announced Organic Healthcare, its new sub-brand that will be making handcrafted healthcare products.

Thermalabs Tent World will be tasked with making and marketing the company’s comprehensive range of sports and beach tents. Already, the company has revealed that each new tent will be named after a planet in the solar system. Considered that the firm’s first tent is already named Mercury, it makes great sense to deduce that the next set of tents will be named Venus, Mars, etc. According to Thermalabs, each of these tents will be ultra-quality and designed to work great in any outdoor setting, be it a camping location or a home’s backyard. Thus, the company’s consumers will be able to utilize the tents as a perfect hiding and relaxation spot after spending time at the beach, as well as use it for other activities such as picnicking. Thermalabs has said that the products will be in the market soon.

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