Thermalabs Original Self Tanner Scores Top Ratings on Amazon

Thermalabs original self tanner has managed to garner an exclusive 5-star rating on

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs appears to have done it again with one of its most phenomenal products – the original self tanner. Barely a few months after being re-introduced into the market, the original tanner has managed to score an elusive 5-star average rating from over 88 customers who have reviewed it. This is an incredible achievement for any product on, or any other online marketplace for that matter.

Thermalabs is a major cosmetics firm based in the United States. The company started out manufacturing top-quality self tanners and tanning accessories. In recent times, however, the company has expanded its operations to other areas. Thermalabs launched a Supremasea brand that will oversee the production and marketing of top-quality products based on mineral salts acquired from the Dead Sea. Tent World, another sub-brand, was also started to take over prospecting of Thermalabs tents for sports and the beach. Organic Healthcare, the last division of the company, is widely seen as an attempt to gulp a piece of the profitability in the organic healthcare niche.

Thermalabs original self tanner ( is the company’s first-ever product. It was introduced sometimes in 2013 when Thermalabs opened its doors in New York. The product featured an exclusive formula that included the likes of Aloe Vera and Green Tea. Following a massive pre-marketing run, which involved highlighting the product’s unique benefits as compared to the competition’s offering, this tanner was a major hit in the market. The product sold over ten thousand units within its first week in the market, attracting significant media attention and setting the stage for the successful launch of Thermalabs upcoming products. This initial success of the original self tanner played a great role to make Thermalabs the company it is today.

After the young company exhausted its first batch, the original self tanner disappeared from the market. Thermalabs apparently had no time frame in sight for customers asking when the next batch would be available. The immense demand had apparently overwhelmed the new company’s production capacity. Two years down the line though (early 2016), Thermalabs was eventually able to return this product to the market on It’s never really picked up the momentum of the initial listing, but it’s all the same performing great and still makes it to the company’s bestselling list.

Tinkertonedprincess, an Amazon user who reviewed this product, wrote, “Only after applying this once, and took a two-hour nap. I woke up with darker skin already. I see about 1 shade darker than my normal skin tone. I am going to apply more of this tanner lotion before I go to bed to see if it gets darker by the morning. I am very impressed so far! I did exfoliate in the shower this morning. I also exfoliated with a before-tan exfoliator mitt I purchased on Amazon. I used the mitt just on my bare dry skin. I then applied lotion to my hands, knees, back of knees, elbows, ankles, and the top and bottom of my feet. I have attached a photo of my arms after one use of this tanner. I have not washed it off yet so it may look a little orangey. It not really that orange, though. I have had some tanners that make me scream.”

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