Thermalabs Organic Self Tanner Ranked #1 in Amazon’s Self Tanner Category

Thermalabs organic self-tanner has been ranked a best seller in Amazon’s top category for self-tanner products.

Thermalabs self-tanning lotion otherwise referred to as the ‘natural self-tanner’, or America’s Golden Standard Self tanner, has been ranked #1 in self-tanner category. This is not the first time the product has been marked a best-seller in a wide category on the e-commerce platform, but it all the makes a significant impression on the company’s dominance in the industry. The self-tanner was the pilot product by the company. It featured 70% organic and 97% natural ingredients, including olive oil, Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract, Shea Butter, Avocado oil and Aloe Leaf Juice, among many others. The product has been rated 5 stars by most users who bought and used this product on Following an intensive marketing drive by Thermalabs, and the company’s own pricing strategy, the natural self-tanner sold its first 1000 units within just 24 hours post launch.

The natural self-tanner is a perennial best seller by Thermalabs. The product’s appeal has stretched far and wide, helping the New York-based company build a global user base. Thermalabs managed to attain its first 50, 000 customers within just the first year in operations. For a company that’s less than 5 years old, this is a tremendous achievement. The company’s focus on quality and commitment to a skin-cancer free world is one of the major reasons behind Thermalabs fast rise in the cosmetics industry.

Following the natural self-tanner, Thermalabs released a pack of self-tanning wipes referred to as Glow2Go. This product was an instant hit, selling like hotcakes on and other major marketplaces. Glow2Go sold at double the count and half the price of the competition. It followed in the footsteps of its predecessor product. Thermalabs has been able to release a string of successful launches since then. Its ultimitt tanning applicator mitt was designed to solve the problem of self-tanning mitts. It was bigger and larger than any other mitt in the market. More so, it was crack and streak free, providing a way out for users who were looking for a way out from cheap, knock-off products.

Thermalabs journey from zero to hero has been a remarkable one. The company’s ability to furnish its user base with consistently top-quality products is a notable quality. In the last couple of weeks, Thermalabs launched Supremasea, a new brand that will focus exclusively on the Dead Sea mineral-based products. So far, Thermalabs has managed to announce two formulations under this new brand. The company’s consistent ability to fill market gaps where they exist is a notable one. Thermalabs commits 10% of its profits to charity, mostly through funding nonprofits that increase awareness on skin cancer, and educational missions that are dedicated to finding a cure for cancer. This is also part of the company’s initiative to give back to the society that has created a conducive environment for its existence.

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