Thermalabs Organic Healthcare Launches Aragan Oil Miracle Serum

Thermalabs Organic healthcare has launched a new product, the Aragan Oil Miracle Serum.

Thermalabs newest sub-brand, Organic Healthcare, has launched a new product this week. Going by the label ‘Aragan Oil Miracle Serum’, this is a 100% bio-organic handmade serum that contains no chemicals or parabens. This is a major milestone for Organic Healthcare, which has promised to launch multiple top-notch health products through the remaining part of the year. has established its place as one of the most innovative cosmetics firms ever. The company is currently segmented into three different branches – Supremasea, Tent World and Organic Healthcare. Supremasea dwells with the company’s products that are based on mineral salts extracted from the Dead Sea. On the other hand, Tent World is the brand for Thermalabs upcoming sports and beach convenience tents. In the last three years that the firm has been in existence, Thermalabs has proved to be an authoritative player. The company’s exclusive focus on organic and natural ingredients has helped propel it to the top echelons of market success. So far, Thermalabs has contributed over two dozen products to the global cosmetics and healthcare marketplace. Most of the company’s products are top-rated tanning formulations that help people attain a beautiful tan within the confines of health.

Organic Healthcare was launched by the company earlier this year. It would focus on producing top quality products that would help restore some of the energy and vigor that human ancestors enjoyed. To accomplish this goal, Organic Healthcare would look back in history, and try to piece together ancient health. The brand uses completely natural ingredients acquired from the mountains of Galilee in Israel. To create highly beneficial products, Thermalabs Organic Healthcare relies on over 1000 years of ancient healthcare wisdom acquired from the Rambam. All its products will be handmade, using natural herbs, plants and seeds. This means that there will be no mechanized operations (other than packaging perhaps) at the Thermalabs Organic Healthcare factory in Israel.

The decision to start a new brand (Thermalabs Organic Healthcare) was made after the company conducted a feasibility study in the healthcare products market. Although there are multiple operators in this niche, Thermalabs realized that people are increasingly looking for distinguished products that can help them achieve better health without exposure to chemicals and parabens that might lead to long-term side effects. In the course of the coming few months, Thermalabs has said that it’ll launch more, top notch products in line with its Organic Healthcare objectives.

During the launch of Aragan Oil Miracle Serum, Priscilla Rodgers (brand manager in charge of Organic Healthcare) said, “We are delighted to announce the first ever product under the Thermalabs Organic Healthcare umbrella. The Aragan Oil Miracle Serum is a top-notch healthcare aid designed from Omega 3 and Aragan Herbs. The product contributes to holistic health in a brand new way. At this moment in time, this product is available on an introductory basis at We’ll be proving more information about its ingredients and benefits shortly. Keep your eyes open for Thermalabs Organic Healthcare.”

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