Thermalabs Organic Healthcare Launches 3 New Products

Thermalabs latest sub-brand, Organic Healthcare, has outputted at least three new products in the market.

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has announced three new releases this month, which is an extraordinary achievement by all means. Organic Healthcare started out by introducing its Aragan Oil Miracle Serum, then followed with the Jerusalem Balsam Spray. This week, the firm introduced its Anti Nail Fungus formula. All these are 100% bio-organic products that have been designed from naturally occurring plant, herbs, and seeds acquired from the mountains of Galilee in Israel.

Thermalabs is today one of the most outstanding companies in the cosmetics space. The firm’s ability to create top-notch products that deliver to users has made it a force to reckon with in the industry. When Thermalabs opened its doors in 2013, it had nothing more than a constrained budget and a big goal. The company was committed to helping fight skin cancer, amid reports that millions of Americans were being diagnosed with this terminal illness each year. Thermalabs approach was to create organic cosmetics products that would help people acquire a beautiful skin without having to sit in the sun for a tan, or having to rely on chemical-based cosmetics aids for that matter. Thermalabs first three releases were major hits in the market. The company’s original self tanner, which was a lotion created from Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and other premium ingredients, managed to sell its first 1000 units within 24 hours. Glow2Go, Thermalabs second-ever launch, was also immensely successful. The product won several trending-product accolades on and dominated top lists on major e-commerce marketplaces. Ultimitt, Thermalabs third launch within its first year in business, has been a global bestseller on for years. The success of these initial products helped lay a solid foundation for the company that Thermalabs is today.

While Thermalabs initial focus was in the tanning industry, the company has made inroads in other market areas in recent times. One of the key strategies that Thermalabs has been using to diversify its operations is launch new sub-brands. The company now has a total of three divisions, each of which is assigned its own distinct market roles. The Supremasea branch takes care of Thermalabs products that are based on Dead Sea mineral salts. The Tent World branch oversees marketing of Thermalabs top-rated beach and sports tents, while the more recent Organic Healthcare is the company’s attempt in the healthcare space.

In addition to these three products, Thermalabs Organic Healthcare has promised to announce more releases in the coming weeks or months. All organic healthcare products are completely handmade and are designed from natural and organic ingredients. The brand uses over 1000 years of healthcare wisdom from the Rambam (a preeminent Jewish physician) to craft top-notch products. As more and more of these products hit the market, it’ll be interesting to see how Thermalabs Organic Healthcare faces off with the competition.

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