Thermalabs Organic Healthcare Finalizing Work on New Launches

The Organic Healthcare sub-brand by Thermalabs has said that it’s almost finishing working on new product releases.

Cosmetics brand Thermalabs has said that it’s finalizing work on new products. This is a significant announcement coming just weeks after the company introduced six new products into the market. Earlier this year, the firm had promised to intensify its research and production activities. Looking at it right now, Thermalabs seems to be living up to its promises.

The upcoming releases will fall under Thermalabs Organic Healthcare sub-brand. Today, Thermalabs is segmented into three main branches, namely Supremasea, Tent World, and Organic Healthcare. Supremasea is responsible for the company’s products that are based on mineral salts acquired from the Dead Sea. There are at least 4 Supremasea products available in the market right now, including Tan Enhancer, and the Lavender and Vanilla Patchouli body scrub exfoliators. Thermalabs Tent World is the arm in charge of all tent-related products. Thermalabs is increasingly producing tents that serve as a perfect hiding or relaxation spot after spending some time in the water at the beach. The last sub-brand, Organic Healthcare, was announced earlier this year. It takes care of the company’s interests in organic healthcare, a growing market on the global stage. Already, Organic Healthcare has launched a total of three products, including the Aragan Oil, the Jerusalem Balsam oil, and the Anti-Nail Fungus.

Thermalabs Organic Healthcare aims to restore the health benefits that human ancestors enjoyed by feeding on a predominantly organic diet. The brand relies on over 1000 years of ancient healthcare wisdom acquired from a preeminent Jewish physician known as the Rambam. According to Thermalabs, human ancestors were healthier and stronger than their descendants today. In addition to engaging in exercise through various activities, they mostly fed on naturally occurring foods. Thermalabs is counting on 100% bio-organic ingredients when making its Organic Healthcare products. The company has also revealed that it’s sourcing its ingredients from the mountains of Galilee in Israel. Already, a major production factor has been set up where skilled artisans handmade top-notch healthcare products.

Thermalabs Organic Healthcare is a manifestation that the company is eyeing a piece of profits in the healthcare industry. The three products released under this brand so far are already doing well in the market.

Priscilla Rodgers, Thermalabs Organic Healthcare brand manager, said, “It’s been a good first year for Thermalabs Organic Healthcare. We have already launched three major products, which are performing considerably well in the market. Our products are available at, as well as on our official website – The good news though is that we are finalizing work on a couple of new releases that will be extraordinary products. The purpose of Thermalabs Organic Healthcare is to furnish the market with top-notch health aids that help restore the energy, vigor, and health that our ancestors enjoyed. We are going to be revealing more details about these products once they are available in the next couple of weeks.”

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