Thermalabs Organic Healthcare Finalizing Work on New Bio-organic Products

Thermalabs is finalizing work on more bio-organic healthcare products.

Thermalabs Organic Healthcare has said that it’s finalizing work on more bio-organic healthcare aids. This comes barely a few weeks after the brand launched two new products – the Aragan Oil Miracle Serum and the Jerusalem Balsam Miracle Spray. All these products were manufactured at the company’s main production factory in Galilee Israel.

Thermalabs is a premier cosmetics brand that’s based in the United States. The firm opened its doors about three years ago, starting out as a lobby organization that created awareness against cancer. Thermalabs particularly championed causes that were for skin care. The company was keen to discourage the unhealthy practice of sitting in the sun for a tan, amid doctor reports that this was leading to millions of skin cancer diagnoses annually. Starting out with a limited budget but immense talent, Thermalabs produced its pilot product in 2013. This was a premium tanning lotion going by the name ‘Original Self Tanner’. The product featured unique ingredients such as Olive Oil and Aloe Vera. It contributed to a wonderful tan barely four hours after application. Thermalabs employed a strategic pre-marketing campaign to popularize its initial launch. And 24 hours after it was introduced in the market, it had already sold more than a thousand units. This was a remarkable achievement and one that the company was willing to learn from. By the end of the first year in operation, Thermalabs had won over 50,000 new customers to its brand and cause.

The company has today managed to manufacturer at least 24 different skincare products. Most of these are tanning formulas and accessories. In recent times though, Thermalabs appears to be making strides to expand its influence in the industry. The firm created Supremasea, a new sub-brand, in 2015. Supremasea’s purpose is to focus on all the company’s products that are based on mineral salts ingredients acquired from the Dead Sea. Another sub-brand that was introduced by Thermalabs earlier this year is Tent World. This is an exclusive division that takes over the company’s expanding inventory of beach and sports tents. Thermalabs Organic Healthcare is the latest sub-brand to be established by Thermalabs. This is a new operation that creates premium healthcare products based on natural and organic ingredients. Thermalabs Organic Healthcare leverages on over 1000 years of ancient healthcare wisdom from the Rambam. This has made the company’s efforts and methodology unique and different from the competition is doing.

Priscilla Rodgers, Organic Healthcare brand manager, said, “Our Aragan Oil Miracle Serum and Jerusalem Balsam Miracle Spray have received a lot of praise from customers. These are 100% bio-organic products that provide maximum health benefits to the average person. But this is not where the quest ends for Organic Healthcare. Our research and production department is immensely busy working on our next round of bio-organic products, which we will release in the next few weeks or months. So make sure to keep checking on Thermalabs so that you do not miss out.”

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