Thermalabs New Tent to Maximize Beach Time

Thermalabs has announced a new tent that’s expected to help maximize beach time.

Thermalabs recently announced beach tent is expected to cause a stir in the market. The market is the latest launch by the New York-based company, which has in recent months furnished the cosmetics industry with a wide range of premium tanning products. Considered that Thermalabs is just 2 years old, the company has attained dramatic success. Its first product was a self-tanning lotion going by the name ‘Natural Self Tanner’. Based on 70% organic and 97% natural ingredients, including Aloe Leaf Juice and Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract, the Natural Self Tanner was an instant hit. The product not only managed to sell its first 1000 units within the first 24 hours post-launch but also set the stage for the success of the company’s future releases.

The Natural Self Tanner is perhaps one of the most popular products Thermalabs has ever launched. But subsequent releases have also managed to earn their place in the industry. Glow2Go, Thermalabs second launch, is a pack of disposable self tanning towelettes that sells at double the count and half the price of the competition. The Ultimitt was another significant launch by the company. The product was essentially designed to solve the product of self tanning mitts in the market. It currently is a best seller in several of’s bath and mitt categories. Other significant launches by the Israeli-owned company include the travel-size self tanner, and the Protectan sun block protective lotion. Most of these products were formulated by a special team of skincare researchers based at the company’s production facility in Israel.

Focus on ‘healthy’ and ‘green’ products is the main reason behind the Thermalabs immense success. There’s no doubt that tanning is a timeless practice, with ancient Greeks using mud as a form of tanning. But increasing awareness against skin cancer has highlighted the significant risk posed by sun-based tanning. More people are aware that the sun’s harmful UV radiation could cause skin cancer. By discouraging skin cancer while at the same time providing healthy and more effective alternatives, Thermalabs has managed to cultivate a global community of loyal customers.
The new beach tent product appears to be in line with the company’s solid approach. Designed to be a beach tent like any other, the product goes ahead of the competition by including a UPF 50+ protective coating that shields users from ultraviolet radiation. The product is also designed to prevent sunburn and provide the ultimate shelter from the rugged environment common on a beach. Users who get Thermalabs beach tent will also be able to use it at home and for other outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and mountain climbing. The company apparently has optimized the product for all-round use, while at the same time, including an extra smooth bottom to provide increased comfort and protection for kids. Considered the comprehensive pack of benefits that this product comes with, critics already estimate that it’ll be a game changer in the tent market.

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