Thermalabs New Shea Butter Moisturizer Gets 5-Star Ratings on Amazon

One of Thermalabs latest launches, the Shea Butter lotion, appears to be doing incredibly well on online marketplaces.

Barely a week after being introduced in the market, Thermalabs Shea Butter lotion appears to be performing quite well. The product has garnered an average 5-star rating from the first batch of nearly 20 reviewers on, the world’s leading e-commerce hub. This is a significant achievement for any product that’s seeing its first few days in the market.

There are dozens of emerging, innovative companies in the cosmetics space. But Thermalabs appears to have hit the jackpot with its range of skincare products. The company’s focus on all-natural and all-organic formulations has been immensely useful. According to critics, the company has been able to attain the kind of success that can only be described as ‘phenomenal’, in just under three years. Thermalabs opened its doors in 2013, offering a self-tanning lotion that promised to deliver a beautiful and radiant tan four hours after it was applied on the skin. The product featured natural and organic ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, and Green Tea. It lived up to its promise and was a major sensation in the market. It attracted massive coverage from industry blogs and press time from media outlets. Out of the blues, a new startup had hit the market by storm. Better still; the young company was able to utilize this initial wave of success to build a steady, strong company that’s today a leading innovator in the cosmetics industry. Thermalabs is also committed to a skin-cancer free world and donates part of its profits to charitable causes.

Thermalabs Shea Butter lotion is designed based on the same principles that made the company’s previous launches successful. It features an all-natural formulation that combines microscopic grains of rare Dead Sea minerals and other ingredients that are known to have multiple benefits for the skin. It contains Sweet Almond Oil, which is rich in antioxidants that ward off cancer. It also has Avocado and Coconut Oil. Avocado Oil, often an ingredient in skincare products, is rich in fatty acids, unsaturated fats, and proteins that are relevant for proper skin health. The substances contained within this oil deeply moisturize the skin and keep it supple, thus easing itches, soothing cracks and maintaining the skin’s elasticity and integrity. Coconut oil promotes cell regeneration and encourages circulation.

Joyce T. is an Amazon user who tried Thermalabs Shea Butter lotion and rated it 5-star. She wrote, “I have an autoimmune system disorder (Systemic Scleroderma) which naturally causes me to have very dry, thick skin. Most lotions and creams do little, if anything, to help to moisten my skin (including my lips). So I'm always looking for quality moisturizing products which do as they claim! I think Stretch Marks and Dry Skin Magical Organic Shea Body Butter: Triple Moisture Lotion Cream Intensified with Dead Sea Minerals, from Thermalabs, just might do the trick!! This product is wonderful!! I've used it on my arms, legs, and feet and it made my skin feel wonderfully smooth and moisturized!! The same with my lips - deliciously moist!! I also have some major surgical scars and stretch marks on my abdomen and I plan to use it on those, as well!! I am really excited about the continued use of this product! While it can't change how my illness causes deterioration to my skin, I do believe it will help to slow the degenerative processes, as well as the damaged areas caused by weight gain and loss, as well as from surgeries. Thermalabs Supremasea Shea Butter is an outstanding, triple moisture body butter, with natural oils. It contains sweet almond oil rich with antioxidant, wholesome shea butter together with Avocado and Coconut oils. It has such a soft, creamy texture, making it easy to spread and apply to the skin.”

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