Thermalabs New Products Become Market Hits

Almost all newly released products by Thermalabs are doing great in the market.

Cosmetics giant has said that its new releases are doing impressively well in the market. The company has over the last two months introduced a flurry of products. Most of these have been special skincare aids based on rare ingredients such as Dead Sea mineral salts. The company has also introduced beach T-shirts, and other products designed to make its users beach experience fun and enjoyable.

Thermalabs is a leading innovator in the cosmetics space. The company has played a great role in the cosmetics industry. Its self tanners are some of the most popular, thanks to their consistency and ability to deliver on the product promise. Thermalabs started out with an introductory tanner known as ‘original self-tanner’. This was a major product that featured premium ingredients such as Green Tea and Aloe Vera. Thanks to a massive prospecting campaign by the company, the initial release was a massive success. The product effectively set the stage for successful launch of upcoming releases. More so, Thermalabs was able to cultivate a reputation for itself and attract the media coverage and attention that most startups crave far.

Thermalabs Shea Body Butter, Lavender body scrub exfoliator, and Vanilla patchouli exfoliator are some of the new products that have seen the market. All these fall under the company’s Supremasea sub-brand. According to Thermalabs, Supremasea is its private collection of skincare products created from Dead Sea salts and minerals. Barely 6 weeks after being introduced into the market, all these products have sold thousands of units on global e-commerce hub Amazon. More so, they have managed to secure a whopping five-star rating from dozens of users who have contributed product reviews. This is an indicator that Thermalabs does a thorough job with its products, and that the company is not willing to leave anything to chance when it comes to fulfilling the promises it makes to its users.

The company has also introduced a set of products under the Organic Healthcare umbrella name. Organic Healthcare is Thermalabs fairly new lineup of health products based on seeds, herbs, and plants extracted from the mountains of Galilee in Israel. The Aragan Oil and Jerusalem Balsam spray are just a few of the key products that have been released under this sub-brand. Although they haven’t fared as well as the Supremasea releases in the market, they are doing considerably well.

Over the last two weeks or so, Thermalabs has introduced a set of Beach T-Shirts that are available in various colors and sizes. These are meant to be worn at the beach and are completely fashionable. Thermalabs new T-Shirts have just been introduced to major online marketplaces such as, but the company has said that they are doing pretty well. It appears that Thermalabs is hitting the bull's eye hard with its new launches. Moving forward, the company has said that it will introduce beach chairs, and more products designed to make life at the beach more enjoyable.

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