Thermalabs New Line of Sports Tent to Stir the Market

Cosmetics brand Thermalabs is set to release a new line of sports tent that will likely stir the market.

Thermalabs eagerly-awaited sports tents will likely cause a stir in the market, challenging competitors to either review their product quality, or competitive pricing. Thermalabs move to delve in the sports tent niche was perhaps motivated by the immense success that their mercury beach tent has garnered in the market. Despite being launched towards the end of 2015, Mercury beach tent has managed to score tens of thousands of sales on, where it was initially launched. More so, the product has also received consistently good ratings from users. It’s currently listed as the bestselling tent on Amazon UK.

Thermalabs pilot tent, the mercury beach tent, is an instantly foldable product that can be used in many outdoor situations. Unlike most other beach tents, which are optimized for the beach environment, Thermalabs tent can also be used during a family camping, fishing, hiking, or any other outdoor engagement. It provides the perfect shelter to rest after a long dip in the water. The tent is equipped with an extra-soft bottom, which makes it good for kids too. It also has a protective coating that keeps away the sun’s harmful radiation. All in all, Thermalabs apparently did a great job in this tent. The company is hoping to reciprocate this in many other products.

Based on an announcement made by the company’s marketing co-coordinator, Mr. Alex Howard, all tent-based products fall under the Tent Word brand. The company created this sub-brand sometimes last week to oversee the smooth production, marketing and distribution of all its tents. In addition to mercury, Thermalabs is also working on at least half a dozen others, all of which will be named after the planets in the Solar system. Company loyalists and skincare experts argue that this sub-branding is a strategic move aimed at expanding the company’s reach. Traditionally, Thermalabs influence if felt in the self-tanning niche, where the company has produced at least ten cosmetic lotions and accessories.

In addition to furnishing the market with an extensive range of high-quality products, Thermalabs appears to have a noble goal. The firm is dedicated to a skin-cancer free world and contributes, at least, a tenth of its annual profits to charity. Most of this money goes to skin-care nonprofits, and educational groups that are working to find a cure for cancer.

According to Ms. Spencer, Thermalabs brand manager for Tent World, the new products are almost ready, “We’re glad to announce that our upcoming tent-based launches are nearly ready. I’ve just collaborated with our main production facility in Israel and earned the confirmation that the products should be ready to hit the market in about two weeks. Our customers have loved our first-ever tent, Mercury, and we have no doubt they’ll be mesmerized by the follow-up products in our Tents inventory. These tents will make life easier whether spending time at the beach or just in the backyard. I’ll have more soon, so stay tuned.”

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