Thermalabs New Launch Records Incredible Marketplace Performance

Thermalabs latest launch, the exfoliating glove set, appears to be performing incredibly well in the marketplace.

Thermalabs exfoliating glove set, the company’s latest release, appears to be doing extremely well in, as well as on the company’s official website. Exfoliating glove set is a combination of 3 mitts: a natural bamboo fiber and loofah mitt, a jute mitt and a natural sisal mitt. The product pursues the all-natural path to give thorough exfoliation results. It also comes with a free gift- the Thermalabs finger exfoliator. More so, customers who purchase this product via the company’s Amazon presence also get a free in-depth guide that lays bare the art of exfoliation. For customers who are looking for a natural, useful exfoliating guide, Thermalabs glove set might just be the way to go.

According to the company’s marketing co-coordinator, Mr. Alex Howard, Thermalabs managed to sell over 5, 400 units of the exfoliating glove set within the product’s first week in the market. This is considered a major achievement especially for a product that’s newly launched. Nonetheless, it’s no surprise for a company that has gotten used to recording one success after the other. Thermalabs first ever product, a self-tan lotion known as the ‘Natural Self Tanner’, managed to sell over 1000 units in 24 hours. This was following a comprehensive and brilliant marketing strategy by the company, which involves spending thousands of dollars in pre-launch advertising. The product’s success, however, helped set the stage for the future success of the company’s consecutive launches. Thermalabs has introduced at least a dozen cosmetics products into the market, most of which are best sellers in their respective category. For instance, Glow2Go tan wipes, and the Ultimitt tan applicator mitt have helped the company generates millions of dollars in revenues. Thermalabs managed to attain its first 50, 000 in well under the first year, another record achievement by the American startup.

The company, which is headquartered in New York, designed the exfoliating glove set in order to meet a growing need. More and more cosmetics consumers are looking for healthier, greener and natural products. Thermalabs exfoliating glove set uses all-natural environmentally friendly ingredients to make a premium products. There are many benefits to regular exfoliation. For instance, it helps improve the text of the skin, brightens the complexion, improves the tone, prevents breakouts, kills bacteria, gets rid of dead cells and detoxifies the skin. Through Thermalabs 3-pack exfoliation aid, users are able to leverage all these benefits.

The product’s promotional pricing might be another factor that has helped make it an early success. Thermalabs exfoliating premium bath mitt is selling at only $14.49. This way, customers get to save $35.5 from the list price of $49.99. The company is also offering a Full 1 Year guarantee on this product, which is a first-ever in the industry. This amplifies the confidence that Thermalabs has in their launch and thus helps trigger positive perceptions from consumers. As the year moves forward, it’ll be interesting to see whether the exfoliating gloves set will join the ranks of the company’s all-time bestsellers, including Glow2Go and Ultimitt.

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