Thermalabs New Launch, Beach Tent, Gets Rare Reviews

Thermalabs beach tent has managed an exclusive 5-star rating on since it was launched on the platform.

Thermalabs beach tent was launched a little more than a week ago. Beach tents are typically tents that are made to withstand the tough beach environment. Thermalabs Beach tent is one of the company’s latest releases. Like most of the company’s earlier products, Beach tent appears to be doing extremely well in the marketplace. Yesterday, Thermalabs announced that this particular product scored massive shipments in Christmas sales. The product’s unique approach and focus on convenience might be one of its core strengths in the marketplace. So far, beach tent has managed to get an exclusive 5-star rating on, the world’s top e-tailing marketplace. This is representative of a high-quality product that has been able to capture the imaginations of consumers.

Thermalabs is a New York-based startup that was founded a little more than 2 years ago. The company is owned by an Israeli-American and operates offices in New York and a production factory in Israel. Thermalabs is committed to a skin cancer-free world and makes sure that all its formulations are produced in line with this commitment. The company’s first-ever launch, a tanning lotion known as the ‘Natural Self Tanner’, was highly organic and natural. It featured a collection of premium ingredients, including Aloe Leaf Juice and Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract. The product was so effective that users christened it ‘America’s Gold Standard Tanner’. It also thrust the company into media limelight and set the stage for the success of Thermalabs subsequent launches. Following the Natural Self Tanner, Thermalabs has been able to introduce at least a dozen other products, including a pack of tanning wipes known as Glow2Go, and a self-tanning mitts popularly known as Ultimitt. Most of these launches have been recording successes in the marketplace, thanks to the company’s obsessive focus on quality formulations.

Like most of the company’s past releases, Beach Tent comes across the board as a superior product. It features an instant, automatic pop-up design, and comes with a protective layer of UPF 50+. The Beach Tent thus prevents sunburns and protects occupants’ skin from the sun’s dangerous UV radiation. According to Thermalabs, the product is foldable and can be set up in seconds. It makes a great accessory for any traveler or beach-goer who’s looking for a premium shelter to hide or relax.

One of the rare reviews written on this product was made by Joanna Rudon, an Amazon customer who actually purchased and used the beach tent. She reviews, “The sides of this tent, have pockets at the bottom, so you can put sand or something heavy inside to keep it on the ground, so it doesn't blow away or mess up the bottom. The bottom seems to be a standard tarp material that is good for putting on the ground and won't rip or tear with feet. The rest is a standard tent material. There is no door on the front meaning you can see out the front and the back zips up so you can see behind you as well.
I think that this would be awesome outside, to get shade when you need it and to keep things inside that may need to be kept out of the sun.”

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