Thermalabs New Dead Sea Scrub Ready in Six Weeks

Thermalabs has revealed that it’s finalizing work on its new Dead Sea scrub.

Thermalabs, a leading cosmetics brand that became known due to their top notch formulations for the self-tanning market, is set on releasing a brand new scrub in the coming weeks. According to the company’s marketing co-coordinator, the new product will change how people scrub. The company reportedly decided to manufacture this product after a thorough market strategy that demonstrated a massive gap. Like all other of the company’s releases, this particular product will be based on high-quality, natural or organic ingredients.

The new product will fall under Supremasea, a sub-brand established by the company in 2015. In the cosmetics market, Supremasea is understood to be Thermalabs private collection of Dead Sea mineral-based products. Supremasea’s goal is to formulate and produce a collection of products that deliver the immense benefits of Dead Sea salts and minerals to the company’s global audience. According to Ms. Kristina Meyers, Thermalabs brand manager for Supremasea, the new product will pack immense benefits not only for the skin but also for general health.

The Dead Sea is understood to contain tens of thousands of different types of salts, including the likes of Magnesium, Potassium, Bromide, Sulfur, Iodine, Sodium, Zinc, and Calcium. At least a dozen salts found in this lake cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Studies have established that Dead Sea salts have multiple benefits for the human body. For instance, they help nourish the skin and rejuvenate its inner and outer layers. This makes you appear healthier and younger. A selection of Dead Sea salts are also known to help with common skin conditions such as dandruff, acne, psoriasis, scabies, eczema and seborrhea. Psoriasis alone is said to affect up to 3% of the entire global population.

Thermalabs upcoming launch, the Dead Sea Scrub, will combine the immense benefits of these Dead Sea minerals with popular skincare ingredients whose benefits for the skin have been well studied. Previous products by the company have featured the likes of Aloe Vera leaf juice, Japanese green tea, and olive oil. Indeed, Thermalabs ability to consistently leverage top-notch ingredients to create products that are both healthy and effective is the major reason why the company has recorded tremendous growth worldwide. The company has not currently released a list of ingredients used in this product, but they’ll likely do so in the weeks following the launch event.

Thermalabs is dedicated to a skin-cancer free world. The company creates natural and organic skincare formulations that get results within the confines of health. The American Cancer Foundation estimates that there are millions of skin cancer cases diagnosed in the US alone every year. A significant percentage of this diagnosis has been caused by over-exposure to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. By relying on rather natural substances to create their organic tanners, Thermalabs helps reduce reliance on the sun for a beautiful tan. The company also contributes a tenth of its annual profits to charity, mostly nonprofits in the skincare industry. As the launch day for Dead Sea Scrub comes closer, it’ll be interesting to see what Thermalabs has to offer in this new product!

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