Thermalabs Natural Exfoliating Gloves Doing Well on Amazon

The exfoliating gloves set, one of Thermalabs latest releases is performing remarkably well in the marketplace.

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has affirmed that one of its latest products, the exfoliating gloves set, is one of the best performing products in its category. Thermalabs released this product a little over one month ago as a way to meet the gaping gaps in the exfoliation market. According to the company, most users were uncomfortable with existing exfoliating products, either because they had side effects, or constituted chemical ingredients that had the potential to harm the skin in the long term. Thermalabs exfoliating gloves set was designed to be an all-natural solution for people looking for the ultimate exfoliating aid.

Thermalabs is an American company that’s based in New York City, and that operates a number of production facilities in Israel. The firm opened its doors a little over two years ago, starting with a tanning lotion known as the ‘original self-tanner’. Thermalabs employed a brilliant advertising ploy to bring this product to market. The company was able to highlight the original self-tanners unique benefits and prove beforehand how it could benefit users. Within the first week of launch, the product was already selling over a thousand units per day. It helped the company acquire its first 50, 000 customers within just a year, and set the stage for the success of the company’s subsequent launches.

So far, the company has introduced at least 14 new products in the market, most of which are self-tanning lotions and accessories. Thermalabs is also committed to a skin cancer-free world. The company donates a chunk of its annual profits to charity, including skincare nonprofits and educational organizations that are committed to finding a cure for cancer.

Thermalabs exfoliating gloves set encompasses a loofah and bamboo mitt, a jute and natural sisal mitt. It’s an eco-friendly solution for beauty enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect way to reap the multiple benefits of exfoliating. Research has established that regular exfoliation helps improve skin texture, fight signs of aging, supercharge other skincare products, reduce breakouts, even the skin tone, and make the skin easier to shave. Thermalabs ships this product with an in-depth booklet that guides users through natural exfoliation.

Earlier this week, Thermalabs exfoliating gloves set was ranked as a hot new release on This is a remarkable achievement especially for a product that’s barely a month old in the marketplace. More so, the company’s exfoliating gloves have garnered an exclusive 5-star rating from over 120 reviewers on

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