Thermalabs Moisturizing Lotion Sells 10,000+ Within Its First Month in the Market

Thermalabs Shea Butter moisturizing lotion has sold more than 10, 000 units in its first week in the market.

One of Thermalabs latest products, the Shea Butter triple-moisture formula, has managed to sell its first ten thousand units within the month of August. The product was introduced late July, following an intensive pre-marketing campaign by Thermalabs. Shea Butter is one among multiple new products that the company has released in the last six weeks. Others include the Lavender body scrub exfoliator and the Vanilla Patchouli body scrub exfoliator.

Thermalabs is one of the most innovative players in the cosmetics niche. The company has furnished the industry with at least two dozen top-notch products, the majority of which are tanning formulas. Thermalabs entry into the market was marked by a wildly popular pilot product – the Original Tanner. Created from a cocktail of natural and organic ingredients, which included the likes of Green Tea and Aloe Vera, this product attracted massive attention from tanning fanatics, and also the niche blogosphere. Within just a few months, Thermalabs had sold tens of thousands of units, and attracted valuable coverage on top ranking industry blogs and media outlets. It was a remarkable market entry for a new startup. The company apparently used this initial wave of success to create a staging point for its subsequent launches.

Thermalabs has over the last two years launched three distinct sub-brands namely Supremasea, Tent World and Thermalabs Organic Healthcare. Supremasea is the sub-brand responsible for the company’s products that are based on mineral salts from the Dead Sea. Tent World has everything to do with the company’s range of beach and sports tents, while Organic Healthcare represents Thermalabs exclusive range of healthcare products based on herbs, seeds and plants gathered from the mountains of Galilee in Israel. Thermalabs Shea Butter moisturizer was launched under the company’s Supremasea brand.

According to Thermalabs, this product is ideal for combating dry skin, stretch marks, and scars. The product also helps take care of broken skin. It contains a special cocktail of ingredients, including a combination of Dead Sea mineral salts, and conventional plant-based substances whose benefits for the skin have been clearly understood for years. Avocado oil in the Shea Butter protects the skin from the effects of aging and soothes itches. Coconut Oil in this product contributes to cell regeneration thus helping repair skin damage. On the other hand, Sweet Almond Oils in the Shea Butter are rich with fatty acids and triglycerides, ingredients that help the skin repair naturally. They also contribute to a young and healthy-looking skin.

Kristina Meyers, the brand manager for Supremasea, said, “The Supremasea Shea Butter has done it in the market. Over the last 4 weeks, we’ve sold over 10, 000 units of this product on alone, which is a remarkable achievement for a company our size. The product’s unique features, and ability to repair and heal even the driest skin, have played an important role in accomplishing this feat. We have also used a special regimen of ingredients to make this product as effective as it is. It seems that our intensive research and production efforts are finally paying off. We are in the process of popularizing our other new launches, and we are positive that they will perform equally well moving forward.”

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