Thermalabs Makes Inroads into Beach Products Industry

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has been making major inroads into the beach-related space.

Thermalabs, a premium firm that has established itself as a top provider in the cosmetics space, has confirmed its decision to expand into other sections of the industry. The company has apparently done a great job at creating quality formulations for self-tanning buffs. Perhaps riding from this history of success, Thermalabs is looking to increase the availability of its products and additionally boost its profitability.

Thermalabs is an innovative firm that is widely popular in the self-tanning space. The company opened its doors nearly three years ago, launching a quality-centric self-tanning lotion that achieved a superior tan within just four hours post-application. The lotion was created from highly natural and organic ingredients, including the likes of Cocoa Butter, Green Tea, and Olive Oil. The company rolled out a brilliant pre-market campaign for the release, leading to thousands of units sold within just the first week. The product also attracted massive media attention, giving the new company the platform it needed to promote its upcoming launches. By the end of the first 12 months in the market, Thermalabs had already garnered a community of over 50, 000 global customers.

Sometimes last year, the company announced Supremasea, an entirely new branch that would take over its private collection of premium skincare products based on Dead Sea mineral salts. Studies suggest that the Dead Sea is home to over 45, 000 different salts. Of all these, at least 12 are unique to this body of water. By extracting these special salts and including their elements in skincare products, Thermalabs was hoping to create a new baseline for results in the skin care industry. Supremasea’s first-ever product, Tan Enhancer, proved the company right. Designed to be an after-tan glow product, Tan Enhancer also protects and nourishes the skin. It features a special blend of Shea Butter and unique mineral salts. The product also moisturizes the skin and keeps it safe from free radicals and environmental pollutants. The most recent sub-brand announced by Thermalabs is Tent World, which will focus on beach and sports tents. The company hopes to create better quality products that what is already available in the market. Already, Thermalabs pilot beach tent, Mercury, has been performing pretty well. The tent is multi-purpose, which means it can be used anywhere. It features a protective lining that keeps the skin safe from the sun’s UV radiation, and an extra-comfortable bottom that’s kids friendly.

In addition, Thermalabs is also finalizing plans to launch healthcare products under a new sub-brand going by the name Thermalabs Organic Healthcare. This is yet another effort to break the glass ceiling and venture into completely new territory. Unlike most other healthcare products producers, Thermalabs will be focusing on ancient wisdom. Based on information published through an earlier press release, the company will be relying on naturally occurring herbs, seeds, and plants. All of the products in this lineup will be completely handmade. Thermalabs has opened a new factory in Israel where artisans will be making these products.

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