Thermalabs Latest Launches Performing Well in the Market

A section of Thermalabs latest releases are great performers in the marketplace.

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has launched at least six different products within the last two months. These products fall within various sub-brands that are part of the company. According to Thermalabs, this latest batch of products is already doing well in the market. The company traditionally sells its wares on, the world’s number one online marketplace.

Thermalabs - - is a leading cosmetics company based in the United States. The firm started out some three years ago as a campaigner for safe skincare practices. At a time when millions of people were being diagnosed with skin cancer each year, Thermalabs was keen to make a difference. The company started out publishing content and airing ads to advocate against traditional tanning practices such as sitting in the sun. According to healthcare experts, sun-tanning was one of the leading causes of skin cancer not only in the United States but also across the world. Thermalabs was eventually able to raise the capital needed to form a real manufacturing company. The first factory was set up in Israel’s Galilee district, where a team of skincare specialists worked tirelessly to formulate new, healthy skincare products.

Thermalabs first launch, the original self tanner, was a major hit. The product featured an exclusive formula that included the likes of Green Tea and Aloe Vera. The product was an instant hit in the market, outselling the competition and attracting much-needed media limelight to the new company. Thermalabs cleverly rode on this success wave to stage the successful launch of its subsequent releases.

Thermalabs is today segmented into three different branches, each of which is responsible for a unique category of products. Thermalabs Supremasea, the primary sub-brand, is responsible for the company’s products created from Dead Sea mineral salts. Thermalabs Tent World is the brand in charge of the firm’s entire range of beach and sports convenience tents. These include the notably popular Instant Pop Up tent, which is currently selling on Amazon. Thermalabs Organic Healthcare, the latest sub-brand to be launched by the company, takes care of healthcare products based on natural and organic ingredients acquired from the mountains of Galilee in Israel.

Some of the company’s latest products fall under the Supremasea and Organic Healthcare sub-brands. The Lavender Body scrub exfoliator and the Vanilla Patchouli Body scrub exfoliator are Supremasea products, which means they’ve been created using Dead Sea mineral salts. Shea Body Butter is another Supremasea product that was released within the last six weeks. On the other hand, Thermalabs Organic Healthcare arm has launched the Aragan and Jerusalem Balsam oils. The brand has also introduced an Anti-Nail Fungus product that’s 100% effective. A spot check on these products at Amazon shows that they have garnered consistent five-star reviews from customers. For any product that’s new in the market, this is a spectacular achievement. The company is intensifying its production efforts, in an attempt to attain goals set earlier in the year. As the firm continues to announce more products, it’ll be interesting to gauge how they measure against the competition.

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