Thermalabs Introduces Series of Promotions Targeting Its New Sunscreen Protectan

Thermalabs, one of leading brands in the self-tanning industry has recently announced a series of discounts and promotions targeting its new sunscreen.

Thermalabs has recently announced a number of promotions on their new launch. The Sunscreen moisturizer lotion is the most recent product to be released by the company. Selling exclusively on, an online retail market, the product has been subject to a series of promotional antics. The Sun blocking moisturizing formula is now selling at a 63% discount. This means that customers can purchase the sunscreen at $14.99, which is a $25.01 cut on of the list price. Thermalabs 63% discount seems to have made quite an impact on market, with the company reporting significant sales just this week.

Thermalabs latest product is already gaining momentum in the market. The Sunscreen Protectan is the company’s debut sunscreen moisturizing lotion with anti-aging components. The product is formulated with a Broad Spectrum 30 SPF value, which is higher than the required SPF. This high value has been said to be offer more than sufficient skin protection against harmful sun rays. Exposure of UVA and UVB radiation from the sun, research shows, is not only harmful to the skin but also triggers aging. Based on press statements released during the product’s launch, Sunscreen Protectan is formulated as an anti-aging agent for the skin. This means it counters side effects of aging. It is combined with organic ingredients that are effective and friendly to the skin. It is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and an added Vitamin E for a moisturized, glowing skin.

Thermalabs series of featured promotions come as part of the company’s birthday sale. By the same token, Thermalabs is giving away a 50-page guide to customers who purchase the sunscreen. The guide book is meant to provide self-tan lovers with sunless tanning advice for a beautiful tan.

Perhaps to show their new customers that they are confident in the new product’s effectiveness, Thermalabs is also offering a 100% money back guarantee. This applies to customers who are less than pleased with the sunscreen’s results. Moreover, Thermalabs has promised their customers a 10% discount on quantifying items for those who purchase 4 or more of the company’s products. For users who choose to purchase two or more of their products, the company will offer a 5% overall discount. According to Thermalabs, the redemption of these sales offers for online purchases can only be done during checkout. Customers who want the 5% discount should enter the THERMAL2 code at the checkout while the THERMAL4 code input at checkout will apply to those who want the 10% discount.

Thermalabs has always based their production process on skin-friendly formulas. With more than six high rated self-tanning products under its wings, the company seems to be expanding the horizon with the new sunscreen launch. This, however, comes as no surprise to anyone who has watched their steady growth in an industry where consumer loyalty is a major determinant for success. Since inception, the company has continued to release a variety of organic products that are meant to enhance protection of the skin under the sun.

In relation to the effectiveness of their products, one online review from a customer read, “Self tanners are meant to provide customers with an opportunity to attain a deeper tone of the skin without the need for sun-based tanning. Customers typically decide to use self-tanners when they don’t have time to bask for a tan. This way, they get a tan naturally and effectively. As a Thermalabs towelettes fan, I like this product. It is not hard for anyone to fall in love with Thermalabs self tanning lotion. Thermalabs self tanning lotion is top quality. Just like their towelettes, it works great and doesn’t leave any streaks. You can apply just as easily as you’d do with any other lotion. Simply rub it on the part(s) of your body that you want to tan and you will get the intended results within as little as 4 hours. But it’s important to note that you ought to wait for about 10 minutes before you get dressed again so that you don’t stain your clothes. This entire process is easy, painless and more so does not leave any streaks or cause rashes. What you get is a purely natural tan. A lot of people used to complain about “orange tint”, especially with traditional tanning products. Thermalabs lotion does things naturally. You get the tan organically and naturally, and it even disappears naturally after a couple of days. This product is certainly a great way to achieve your tan without exposing your skin to the sun’s harmful UV rays!”

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