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Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has launched more T-shirts on

Thermalabs has introduced more T-Shirt products, barely a week after it launched its first-ever article of clothing meant for the beach. The company appears to be investing in its portfolio of beach-related products. Thermalabs last introduced its beach tent and has been working on at least half a dozen beach chairs and a bed that are yet to hit the market.

Thermalabs is a major name brand in the cosmetics industry. The firm opened its doors some three years ago and has been a major contributor to the advancement of the tanning industry. Thermalabs initial launch was a tanning lotion that delivered a beautiful sun-kissed glow within 4 hours. This was a major accomplishment especially considered that most of the competition’s tanners took up to 6 hours to show results. ¬Designed from an exclusive range of natural and organic ingredients, Thermalabs first-ever product was a big hit. The company employed a brilliant marketing strategy that entailed highlighting the products key benefits as compared to what the competition was offering. The immense success that the company derived from its pilot tanner played a huge role in the company’s future success.

As the company has continued to venture into the beach-related industry, it has also somewhat drifted away from the self-tanning space. Thermalabs has introduced at least 5 beach-related products this year but hasn’t released any self-tanner in the same period of time. The company had also said that it is considering changing its slogan from ‘self-tanning reloaded’ to ‘life’s a beach’. The first beach product ever released by Thermalabs, Mercury Beach Tent, was a big time hit. It was a special tent that served as a relaxing hiding place after spending some fun time in the water. It was equipped with UV protection and had extra-comfy bottoms for kids. Currently, Thermalabs has said that its finalizing work on its beach chairs.

The new T-Shirts that the company has introduced include the ‘Life is Better in Flip Flops’, ‘Beach, Please’, ‘Who needs snowflakes when you have seashells’, among others. All these are available in various colors, such as yellow, black, red and blue. The company has made it a point to give each T-Shirt a fascinating text and image label that is compatible with the beach environment. Thermalabs has also said that there are multiple sizes available for kids, women, and children. Each T-shirt is 100% cotton, and can be cleaned through machine washing at a dry low heat. The pieces are lightweight and match well with flip flops.

The company has said that its range of beach T-Shirts will be available to customers via, which is no surprise especially considered that the company sells its products via Amazon. However, customers can also order the new beach t-shirts on Thermalabs official website –

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