Thermalabs Initial Self Tanner Back, Sold Through Amazon

Thermalabs introductory self-tanner, the original tanner, is now on sale via

Thermalabs has re-listed their all-time popular original tanner on global e-tailing marketplace This move follows a previous promise by the company’s marketing co-coordinator to have this product re-introduced back. According to a Mr. Howard, the company has been working hard to make sure that one of their most popular product was available to its global user base once again. The original self-tanner is arguably one of the longest lasting tanning lotions on the market.

Thermalabs launched the original self-tanner as their pilot product some 2 years ago, in an even held in New York City, where the company’s global headquarters are located. As it happens, the product would play a huge part in determining whether Thermalabs, then a little-known startup, would fail or succeed. Featuring a premium pack of ingredients that were highly natural and organic, and marketed as one of the fastest and most effective tanning aids in the market, the original tanner was a huge hit right from day one. The product featured well-known ingredients that have ample benefits for the skin, such as Aloe Leaf Juice and Olive Oil. It was able to deliver a sexy and attractive tan barely 4 hours after being applied. In Amazon alone, the original self-tanner sold thousands of units within its first one week in the market. The product’s immense success helped lay the cornerstone that has supported Thermalabs phenomenal success today.

Thermalabs is an American cosmetics company that’s best known for its premium formulations for the self-tanning market. The company has so far designed and mass-produced at least a dozen different tanning aids. Thermalabs is committed to a skin-cancer free world. Following reports that there are millions of skin cancer cases diagnosed around the world each year, Thermalabs is one of few companies that have resolved to make products that are able to provide unique beauty benefits within the confines of health. This has worked very well for the company especially at a time when most people are concerned about relying on formulations that have potentially harmful chemical ingredients.

Following the launch of their original self-tanner, Thermalabs released a number of other highly successful beauty products. Among the most notable ones are Glow2Go and Ultimitt. Glow2Go, still a best seller to date, packs about 20 disposable wipes that help users get a natural and attractive tan. Ultimitt is the recommended applicator for all of Thermalabs tanning products. In recent times, the company has introduced the likes of Protectan, a tan enhancing lotion that contributes to a long-lasting, radiant tan. This is particularly useful for people who are concerned about re-applying their tan every few hours. Thermalabs has also released Beach Tent, a multi-purpose accessory for people who’re looking to go out camping, hiking, or just take a rest after a long dip in the water at the beach. Now that the company has brought back one of its most notable product, it’ll be interesting to see how the market responds.

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