Thermalabs Increases Focus on Beach-Related Products

Thermalabs appears to be increasing its focus on beach-related products.

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs appears to be doing more to increase its inventory of beach-related products. The company recently introduced a new product – a beach convenience T-shirt that matches well with any pair or flip flops. In recent times, the company has announced that it’s in the final steps before launching a new set of beach chairs, and a beach bed as well. Thermalabs, earlier this year also said that it was considering changing its slogan from ‘Self Tanning Reloaded’ to ‘Life’s a Beach’.

Thermalabs is an innovative firm that creates top notch products for the cosmetics market. The company is headquartered in the United States but owns a major production facility in Israel. Thermalabs started out as a small firm that was committed to combating skin cancer. Towards that objective, Thermalabs launched awareness campaigns against unsafe practices such as exposing the skin to the sun in order to get a tan. But it also did more than that. Gathering its funds, and pooling together a team of respected scientists and researchers in the skin-care industry, the company formulated a special self-tan lotion that would later prove to be a game-changer. This product, known as the original self tanner, was immensely effective. It delivered a fantastic tan within just 4 hours and contains a rare regimen of natural and organic ingredients whose benefits for the skin are well known.

Thermalabs has today furnished the global beauty market with nearly thirty different products. Most of these are tanning lotions, tanning accessories, beach tents, general skincare products and organic health products. Thermalabs is also sub-divided into three semi-independent brands, namely Supremasea, Tent World, and Organic Healthcare.

Traditionally, the company’s main focus has been on self-tanning products and accessories. Thermalabs has launched at least half a dozen different tanners, suitable for various needs within the niche. The company’s originals self tanner, travel-size tanner, and other self-tanning solutions are wildly popular in the market. But to keep up with rising ambitions, Thermalabs decided that it needed to diversify its offering. The firm opted to open up a new production line that would enable it to produce more products meant to enhance the beach experience for its users.

The first product that Thermalabs produced under this new initiative was the Mercury pop up beach tent. This was a unique tent that provided protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It served as the ideal resting or hiding place for beach-goers after spending some time in the water. It was equipped with an extra-comfortable bottom that was designed to be kids-friendly. The tent was immensely successful. Following which Thermalabs announced that it’d be producing an elegant set of beach chairs. Most recently, the firm has announced a beach-specific T-Shirt that’s available in various colors and sizes for kids, women and men. It’s evident that the company is increasingly focusing on beach products and accessories.

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