Thermalabs Has Revised Its Global Marketing Strategy Yet Again

Thermalabs has once again, made changes to its global market strategy.

Thermalabs, a leading cosmetics brand, is making profound changes to its global distribution and marketing map. This comes barely three months after the firm announced that it would be looking for new distribution avenues to maximize the exposure of its products to customers throughout the world. The brand has recorded massive growth in the three years that it’s been in operation, and it’s probably time to maximize returns from its good international standing.

So far, Thermalabs has furnished the global cosmetics market with at least 24 high-quality products. Most of these are self-tanning lotions and tanning accessories. In recent times, the brand has also created three distinct divisions in an attempt to diversify. These new sub-brands include Supremasea, Tent World, and Organic Healthcare. Supremasea will be charged with marketing Thermalabs products that are based on Dead Sea mineral salts. Tent World is in charge of Thermalabs beach and sports tents, while Organic Healthcare is a newer sub-brand that takes over the company’s new line of natural health products.

In new developments, the Thermalabs brand gave exclusive rights to distribute its products in the United States to Market Group New York. The company (Market Group) has said that it has established key distribution channels that will help make Thermalabs lotions, cosmetics products, tents and healthcare aids to customers across the United States. Market Group will also be leveraging online channels such as to maximize exposure. This move will most probably see Thermalabs U.S more than double in the coming years.

Thermalabs is also holding talks with a number of other distribution companies to make sure that it’s products easily reach millions of customers in other parts of the world. Already, Thermalabs sells a section of its wares to customers in Germany, the UK, Italy, Canada, and France, through online marketplaces such as New partnership will make sure that in addition to online stores, the company’s products are also available in supermarkets and other retail locations in these countries. There are also efforts to introduce some of the more popular cosmetics aids by Thermalabs to maiden markets such as China and Japan. If all goes well, the firm will likely have immense reach in the market, which will all the same boost its ability to compete in the industry.

While addressing the new changes, Thermalabs coordinator for marketing, Mr. Howard, said, “It’s been three years of awesome growth for Our obsession with quality and preference for natural and organic ingredients appears to be paying off. In the last three years, we have been able to growth our global user base and increase revenue at a rate that many other companies have never been able to. Still, as we create more top-quality products, we want to solve the problem of distribution. While most of our products are available online, a lot of people would still prefer that they find them in local retail outlets. To this effect, we have appointed Market Group the sole distributor of the Thermalabs brand in the United States. We are also holding talks with distribution leaders in Europe, as well as those in new markets such as China and Japan to see how we can expand our network.”

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