Thermalabs Glow2Go Nets Over 800 Top Ratings On Amazon

Thermalabs bestselling Glow2Go self-tanning wipes has gotten more than 840 top ratings from users on

One of Thermalabs bestselling products, the Glow2Go, self tanning wipes, has obtained at least 840 average 4-star ratings on Amazon is the world’s premier online shopping marketplace. For a product that’s pretty much new in the market, this is considered an extraordinary achievement. Over the two years that Thermalabs has existed, the company has recorded one major success after the other. Currently, the company is a top player in the global cosmetics scene. Thermalabs managed to upgrade from 0 to 50, 000 customers within just its first 12 months. For a business that’s less than 5 years old, this is quite impressive performance. Thermalabs has released a number of products through the last 24 months timeline. Their pilot product, the ‘Natural Self Tanner’, managed to sell its first 1000 units within just its 72 hours, following a brilliant marketing strategy by the New York-based company. Most of the company’s launches are either self-tanning lotions and accessories, or general cosmetics products that are designed to help people look sexy and beautiful within the confines of health.

Thermalabs operates a production factory in Israel, where most of its products are formulated and manufactured. Thermalabs aims to provide tanning buffs with a wide range of organic and natural products that dispel the need for sun-based tanning. Apparently, the company has been running an awareness campaign against sun-based tanning, which has been known to contribute to cases of skin cancer due to overexposure of the skin to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. By creating awareness against sun-based tanning, and providing a self and natural solution at the same time, Thermalabs has been able to kill two birds with the same stone.

Glow2Go is a pack of self-tanning wipes that initially sold at half the price and double the size of the competition, creating a marketing whirlwind that generated thousands of overnight sales for the company. This product was so successful that it also set the stage for future launches. Users looking for on-the-go disposable wipes now had a solution that was highly effective, and at the same time affordable. The product’s success and open-arms adoption by the market saw it climb into several of Amazon’s best-selling and top product lists.

The company is committed to a skin-cancer free world. According to the American Cancer Society, there are over 3 million cases of skin cancer diagnosed every year. A proportion of these cases can be attributed to sun-bathing, which is a traditional form of tanning that involves over-exposing the skin to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. In addition to providing a cocktail of products that are designed to eliminate the need for sun-based tanning, Thermalabs commits 10% of their proceeds to charity. This includes cancer research missions and nonprofits that create awareness against skin cancer, as well as educational missions that are dedicated to finding the cure for cancer.

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