Thermalabs Glow2Go A Top Grossing Product

Thermalabs Glow2Go tan wipes has been announced as a top-grossing product.

Thermalabs has said that its Glow2Go tan wipes is among the top-grossing products by the company this year. So far, the company has released a list of top 5 products that have sold the most units through the first half of 2015. The company’s Ultimitt tan applicator mitt made it to the top of the list, followed by Glow2Go (in the second position) and finally the Sunless Tanner in the third position.

Thermalabs is an innovative firm based in New York that manufactures quality skincare product. The company was launched in 2013, starting out with an introductory self tanner known as ‘original self tanner’. Amid reports that millions of people were getting skin cancer from over-exposing their skin to the sun’s UV rays, Thermalabs was determined to make a difference. The company used exclusive ingredients such as Green Tea and Olive Oil to produce a natural and organic tanner that achieved profound results within the confines of health. Following an intensive pre-market campaign, the product was a major hit, selling over a thousand units in day one. The company further engaged the media and popular blogosphere in the self-tanning niche to promote its brand. This way, Thermalabs was able to create the solid platform that it needed to make solid strides and later succeed in the competitive industry.

Thermalabs is committed to a skin-cancer free world. In addition to producing quality skin care products using both natural and organic ingredients, the firm also contributes a tenth of its annual profits to charity. So far, Thermalabs has contributed at least 16 different products to the global cosmetics space. Most of these are premium tanners, accessories, as well as convenience-inspired beach-related products such as chairs and tents.

Glow2Go is Thermalabs second-ever product, launched just months after the company opened in 2013. Thermalabs marketed Glow2Go as a pack of quality tan wipes that sold at half the price but double the count of the competition. This was a major marketing strategy that helped the wipes garner thousands of sales barely 2 days after introduction. The wipes shipped in packs of twenty disposable towelettes and were packaged in an attractive Thermalabs-branded container. The product’s ability to deliver good results, combined with the fact that it was conveniently affordable, have perhaps contributed to making it a top-grossing seller. Thermalabs Glow2Go has also been a bestseller on for quite some time.

Linda C. Bell, an Amazon customer who bought Glow2Go and rated it 5-star, reviewed, “This product works really well for me. I have a lot of olive in my skin and the color is just enough that I don't look ultra white on my legs and face. I use one each on my legs and one on my face, neck, and shoulder is the very nice golden color for my skin tone at least. The color lasts about a week as others have said. I really like it that there are 20 in the box! They really last nearly the whole summer season for where I live on the east coast. Thank you Thermalabs!”

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