Thermalabs Dead Sea Minerals Brand Working on New Product Formulations

Thermalabs has revealed that they are working on new product formulations under their new brand, Supremasea.

Thermalabs is working on new product formulations, following the release of their Protectan sunscreen lotion. It appears that the company always has something up its sleeve. Thermalabs is a New York-based firm that has become popular due to its top quality formulations. Since its inception over 2 years ago, Thermalabs has managed to introduce over 10 different products, giving their customers multiple options when it comes to choosing a self-tanning product. Most if not all of the company’s formulations have been known to fill needs that existed in the market. With the new formulations, the company might be seeking to expand its global reach by providing more products that help people care and treat their skin within the confines of health.

The company is working on the new formulations under the Supremasea brand, which was introduced recently. Supremasea is a Thermalabs brand that aims to provide users with a wide range of top-notch cosmetics products. The Dead Sea is not only a tourist attraction, and one of the wonders of the world, it’s also home to tens of thousands of different minerals. Up to 12 of these minerals are unique to this lake. Scientists have studied the benefits to Dead Sea minerals and salts for long and established the multiple benefits that they have for the human skin. In addition to calming the nervous skin, optimizing lymphatic fluid balance, they also help rejuvenate and renew the skin. From a production factory in Israel, which borders the Dead Sea, Thermalabs research and production department is working on availing a new range of ground-breaking products.

Some of the products in the works include a tan enhancer and a body scrub exfoliator. The tan enhancer will be a lotion-based product applied after tanning. This will come in handy for users who are worried about re-applying their tan after every few hours. The product features a number of premium ingredients to deep moisturize the skin and protect it from free radicals, which have been known to cause cancer. Thermalabs Body Scrub exfoliator is the other product that the company’s research team is working on. This will be a cleansing and exfoliating lotion that will work on all skin types, irrelevant of gender or age. This product will feature ingredients such as Sesame seed oil, wheat germ oil, calendula oil and microscopic grains of Dead Sea minerals. The body scrub exfoliator goes way beyond what other exfoliation products are doing. By combining the power of Dead Sea minerals and the well-known benefits of essential oils, the product will help attain a soft and clean skin. It’ll be a great way to renew and stimulate the face and body, complete with a fantastic, mild fragrance.

Supremasea, and Thermalabs by extension seems to be committed to furnishing the market with an extensive range of options when it comes to healthy tanning. There’s a good chance that once released, the new formulations will perform as well as the company’s previous launches.

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