Thermalabs Celebrates Independence Day With Its Customers

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has celebrated Independence Day with its global customers.

Thermalabs, a leading player in the global cosmetics space, celebrated 4th of July Independence Day with its customers worldwide. The company had earlier announced that it would make efforts to mark the important day in the history of the United States. Most critics had expected an extensive discount on all the firm’s products. But in addition to that, Thermalabs held an event in its New York headquarters where a section of VIP customers were invited, all expenses catered for. This was an unexpected, low-profile event that not even most of the company’s employees knew about.

Thermalabs is a leading cosmetics firm based in the United States. The company was established some three years ago. Back then, the new firm had nothing more than a noble goal, a promising formula, and little capital. Looking at the firm’s journey through the nearly three years that it has been in existence, it appears that these are just what Thermalabs needed to make a successful run. The company’s pilot product was a major hit. The product featured a premium formula that consisted of rare ingredients such as Cocoa Butter and Green Tea, among many others. Following a successful pre-marketing run, Thermalabs managed to sell thousands of this tanning lotion within just a week. This helped forge a global community of happy customers (since the product was fast and effective) and attracted the media attention Thermalabs needed to survive in the cutthroat cosmetics industry.

Before the end of 2015, Thermalabs had already established itself as a core player in the self-tanning space. More recently, though, the company appears poised to make a mark in the entire cosmetics industry. Supremasea is a new sub-brand that the company already launched some months ago. This will be a semi-independent branch that will focus on new skincare products based on the immense benefits of Dead Sea minerals. Already, Supremasea has produced its introductory product – tan enhancer. This is a luxury lotion that combines specific Dead Sea mineral salts with other premium ingredients whose benefits for the skin are well understood. The product moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin. It also leads to that after-tan glow that most people yearn for. Earlier this year, the company additionally introduced Tent World, yet another division that would be in charge of its tent-based products. The company is producing an extensive range of sports and beach tents, each of which will be named after a planet in the solar system.

Thermalabs co-coordinator in charge of marketing, Mr. Alex Howard, said, “It’s been a good year running for the company thus far. We have achieved almost all of the things we wanted to be done before the end of the year. Independence Day was a unique opportunity to celebrate some of what we have achieved. We launched a $4 discount for all our products and invited a section of our best customers to our headquarters. Definitely, this was a day to remember, and we are glad it just rolled out the way it did. We are grateful that, together with our loyal customers, we have come this far.”

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