Thermalabs Brand New Natural Exfoliation Scrub Mitts to Sell On Amazon

Thermalabs has announced that its latest launch, the body scrub exfoliator, will sell on

Cosmetics brand Thermalabs has announced that its brand new body scrub exfoliator will sell on, the world’s top e-tailing platform. This is no break from tradition, considered that nearly all of the company’s other launches were first listed on Thermalabs has formulated, produced and announced a portfolio of at least a dozen products since it opened its doors two years ago. The company’s latest launch is a natural product that will help people exfoliate better. It outdoes a lot of other exfoliation products in the market, according to the company’s marketing co-coordinator, Mr. Howard.

Amazon is an e-tailing platform that first started out as an electronic bookstore. Founded by Jeff Bezos in the 1990s, Amazon has seen steady growth in the last one decade, evolving from a books-only catalogue to an everything-store. Amazon today commands some of the biggest figures in e-commerce. The company’s founder, Mr. Bezos, the top internet billionaire, and the fifth richest person in the whole world. By utilizing this platform for most of its launches, Thermalabs has been able to ride on the reach of amazon to make its products available all over the world.
Thermalabs natural exfoliation body scrub will certainly not be the first product of its kind. But apparently, the company designed it to beat the competition at their own game. Body scrub exfoliation mitts are increasingly popular, as more and more people come to appreciate the benefits of exfoliation, which helps improve circulation. Exfoliation is also a great way to brighten your complexion, detoxify your skin, get rid of dead cells, improve skin tone, reduce sun damage and fine lines, prevent breakouts and kill bacteria.

Most of Thermalabs earlier launches are self-tanning lotions and formulations that help people gain a sexy and attractive tan. Thermalabs first launch, the Natural Self Tanner, was an instant hit, managing to sell its first 1000 units within just 24 hours. The product’s immense success set the ground for the success of the company’s future releases. Thermalabs next launch, a pack of 20 tanning wipes known as Glow2Go, was also a hit. Glow2Go remains a best-seller and is one of the company’s biggest revenue generators. The Ultimitt, a self-tanning applicator mitt, is also one of Thermalabs other most notable products. It is a top-rated product and a bestseller in’s bath and mitt category.

Alex Howard, Thermalabs marketing co-coordinator, said “Thermalabs latest product, the world’s best new and eco-friendly body scrub exfoliator, is now available on The product will sell at a promotion price of $14.49, which is a $35.50 drop from the list price of $50. This product packs the exfoliation benefits of bamboo fiber, loofah, jute and sisal, all in one. Users who purchase this product via will also get a free guide that will enlighten them on the art of knowledge. As the year moves forward, we are planning to launch a number of other formulations. Keep it Thermalabs as we seek new, better ways to keep your skin youthful and beautiful.”

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