Thermalabs Bamboo Fiber and Loofah Glove Hits the Market

Thermalabs much hyped about bamboo fiber exfoliating glove is now available in online marketplaces.

Thermalabs has listed its natural bamboo fiber and loofah eco-friendly exfoliating glove on Previously, this product was only available in a set that constituted two other exfoliating gloves. This meant exfoliating enthusiasts who were only interested in the bamboo fiber and loofah glove had to spend three times more just to get this product. The company makes this move amid increasing requests from its customers.

Thermalabs is a cosmetics firm that became popular due to their top-notch formulations for the self-tanning market. Ever since the company was launched over two years ago, they have managed to contribute at least a dozen premium products to the cosmetics industry. Thermalabs is dedicated to a skin cancer-free world, and all its products are formulated with this noble goal in mind. The company catapulted to success after they announced their pilot product – the original self-tanner. Featuring an exclusive formulation that included rare ingredients such as Japanese Green Tea, Aloe Vera, and Olive Oil, this product delivered a beautiful tan fast. It was able to get results in as soon as 4 hours, attracting the attention of tanning enthusiasts from around the world. Following immense sharing in the cosmetics blogosphere, the original self-tanner attracted media spotlight to the then-new company. Since then, Thermalabs has never looked back. The company has announced one premium product after another, looking to solidify its status in a market where extreme competition is the order of the day.

Thermalabs Bamboo fiber and loofah glove is an all-natural product that helps users tap into the multiple benefits of exfoliating. These include unclogging pores, naturally removing dead skin cells, stimulating better blood circulation, reducing body hair growth, and making the skin appears healthier and smoother. Skincare specialists have emphasized the need to exfoliate regularly in order to keep the skin clean and healthy. According to the product listing on, Thermalabs natural glove has a unique texture that provides a unique exfoliating experience and delivers excellent results. The glove ships with an in-depth printed guide in many languages that illustrate how people can take advantage of natural exfoliation. Users also get a Full Year guarantee. Thermalabs is reportedly the only company in the industry to offer such a guarantee on an exfoliating glove product.

Most of Thermalabs Amazon launches make it to the prestigious ‘hot new release’ list. Considered that the company’s exfoliating gloves set is already a trending product on major online marketplaces, it’ll be interesting to see whether the bamboo fiber and loofah glove is able to ride on this momentum. Currently, the product is retailing at an introductory price of seven dollars on Amazon, the world’s leading e-commerce shopping platform. Fraserl, an Amazon customer who bought and used Thermalabs natural eco-friendly exfoliating glove, reviewed, “This is a good product. It is constructed well and a good texture.”

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